This rather excellent snap of an occasional* bishop from the United States was purloined from The Times' new website. I have a sure and certain hope that you lot can come up with far more interesting captions than Our Ruth's bog-standard informative one.

* Degree of bishopliness dependent on local prejudices.



  1. Mad Priest, I can tell you without even looking at the story or the Times’s website that there is no chance whatsoever the caption was written by Our Ruth. But that’s by the by.

  2. “The Way of the Cross with God’s help. They Way of the Cross with God’s help. The Way of the Cross….”

  3. “Our Ruth’s bog-standard informative one” rather implies it was all her own work, Mad Priest. Such I took to be the thrust of your comment, anyway.

    I wasn’t suggesting that it had been naughty of you to associate the story with the caption. My remark was a propos of nothing, really.

  4. Well yes, as a matter of fact, Cathy *is* quite clever (and terribly cute, too – devastating combination)

    What’s yer point ? ;->

  5. I see the good ole boys club is alive and well in England. Do you consider my being here a “border crossing?”

    I am going to exercise “gracious restraint” throughout my visit and not say what I really think of you.

  6. This will get me shot on this blog probably, but, I must confess, not being a proper lifelong Anglican, and not having attended the right services, or if I did, not having paid due attention to what all the dooverlackies were technically called, I have only ever had had a fuzzy notion of what a mitre is. But there used to be a chain of hardware stores in Australia called Mitre 10, so the word has always conjured a vague image in my mind of KJS brandishing some sort of bloke-type drill or cordless screwdriver. However I get the impression that RW is now so jumpy about the encroaching wimmins that in a sense she might as well be.

  7. Wow! No wonder you had to leave Australia. You were overqualified 🙂

    To be fair, Mad Priest, Australians do do hats, because we get what is known as sunshine in my country.

    Oh dear, I do feel a bit silly confessing that though. But I just haven’t taken much of an interest in what bishops wear on their heads. Or in bishops, full stop.

  8. The reason I am not a proper Anglican is because I am just not interested in these things. I can’t get worked up about the frocks, hats or bags. I think it probably is an essential quality in the genuine Anglican or Episcopalian’s character.

  9. Cathy (and anyone else who wonders),

    I’ve been out-of-town in training classes for my job during two of the last three weeks 🙂 Got to stay in lovely Houston, TX and Hearndon, VA…

  10. Cathy, now you’ve gone and got me wondering how a cordless screw would affect the ABC one way or the other.

    Paul (A.), I don’t like to think, but I imagine on his side it would involve rather an unnecessary amount of blushing and incomprehensible mumbling 🙂

  11. Cathy it is not the hat it is the inequality that matters.

    Jim, I agree totally, and I have no problem either noticing the inequality or naming it for what it is, so I don’t really feel too bad about the hat, to be honest.

  12. David – I thought you might just have stayed round the Facebook neighbourhood, but either way it is nice to have you round this neck of the woods again.

  13. “Go ahead, make my day.”

    (Although for this comment to have full effect, Our Kate should perhaps be wearing a Stetson rather than a mitre.)