1. Hurrah!!! Oh I’m so pleased to see the dawgs back after a few days’ hiatus. I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

    A Jack Russell!! What a cutie.

  2. The only thing is, it worries me that these dogs are so “posed” (though this one isn’t as contrived as the one in the skateboarding helmet).

  3. … are you just fed up with finding dawg pics to post, Mad Priest?

    wv – stsplap – one of the lesser-known saints. Maybe St Splap is the saint of non-housetrained dogs.

  4. But I wasn’t complaining, I love Jack Russells, I think the dog in the picture is really sweet, it’s just I worry about dressing dogs up, that’s all. OCICBWers love pics of dogs and cats. They have been a big hit so far, I would have said.

    Don’t get in a huff, Mad Priest.

  5. … If you aren’t going to provide any more pics of cute dawgs, any chance we could have cockatoos instead? …

    Please please? …