Yes! Once again the correct use of scripture triumphs over the literalists. So far this year OCICBW... has been responsible for New Orleans winning the American Handball Superbowl and getting TEC their property back. Not bad for English, heretic scum.

The Supreme Court of Virginia has reversed the ruling of a Fairfax judge who decided in favor of conservative Anglicans who are fighting The Episcopal Church for tens of millions of dollars of church land.

In announcing its decision this morning, the court panel didn't yet say why, which means it's unclear for a few hours what the next steps are. Depending on why the panel ruled the way it did, the case may be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court or it may go back to the Fairfax County Circuit Court judge and stretch on for several years.



  1. It may have to go back only to the original court, and that judge’s reason for deciding for CANA was invalidated by the VA Supremes. So it is likely he will have to rule in favor of the TEC diocese. There was a question as to whether the case could be appealed to the US Supreme Court, as the case involves only Virginia law, with no interstate component to trigger Supreme Court action. It’s still good news for TEC at this point.

    On another front, I saw your comment about the post on Rowan’s antics and what TEC could do about them, and yes, the author clearly confused the idea of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion, apparently thinking they are one and the same. CoE stands to lose more than TEC if Cantuar’s tactics accelerate the decline of the AC, though perhaps such a situation might finally get the leaders to do something to halt the serious deterioration of the Church in England. Maybe it’s human nature, but in both global survival and the Church, everyone sees the bridge out ahead, but all they can do is press the accelerator and speed up…..

  2. It will not got to the US Supremes because the VA Supremes sidestepped the US constitutional issue. Leaving that for perhaps another day and another case.

    The VA Supremes have sent it back to the original judge to decide the case on its merits without the strange US Civil War Era statute in play.

    However, the VA Supremes explained that there were two criteria for the case to be considered under the Civil War Statute. CANA met the first and failed on the second. But the VA Supremes spelled out exactly what would be required to meet the second criteria. Under crazy US jurisprudence, what stops the CANA parishes from now meeting this criteria and refiling a new claim under the statute?

  3. OK, I am now seeing some lawyer types wading in and saying that because CANA lost on the Civil War Era Statute claim, that the argument is dead and it cannot be raised again in this case.