The Israeli gay community in Spain is reported to be angry after organisers of the Madrid Pride Procession have blocked their planned presence among the floats at the start of next month.

The ‘Orgullo’ parade organisers have removed their earlier first-time invitation to Israel following the international outcry following the Israeli assault on the flotilla attempting to take aid to Gaza across the Israeli blockade, and following pressure from Palestinian groups.

The Israelis say they have been told by the parade organisers in Madrid that they are worried about their security, but El Mundo reports the Israeli Association of Homosexuals and Lesbians, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry have described the decision as ‘a victory for the extremists’.

COMMENT: Oh, what a missed opportunity!

Just think how much more publicity the Spanish would have got for their condemnation of the Israeli piracy if, in stead, of petulantly withdrawing their invitation to the party, they had, in stead, not mentioned anything. And then, as the Israeli float makes it's way towards the finishing line of the carnival, from out of helicopters in the sky above, an army of hairy men dressed as nuns descend upon the Israeli float and hijack it. Not with bloodshed this time, of course, but with kisses.



  1. See, hairy nuns from the sky kidnapping the Israeli float is such a good idea. You should be in charge of all this sort of stuff, Mad Priest.

  2. I know!
    If I was in charge of Church of England publicity we would end up making Roman Catholicism look like a minor cult. I just cannot understand why nobody has approached me about this yet.

  3. Ironic that the parade organizers are siding with the countries that persecute gays agains the country in the Mideast that is most gay friendly.

    Probably the most rational course for them would have been “a plague on both your casas”.