As in, the Bible overwhelmingly condemns homosexuality but is very ambiguous about remarriage after divorce.


Divorced clergy are to be allowed to become Church of England bishops for the first time in a move which has been condemned by traditionalists. While Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, supported relaxing the rules, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, is understood to have fiercely argued against a change.

But The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the change was agreed at a meeting of the House of Bishops in May. The Church is set to issue a statement announcing the new policy next month after legal advice made clear that there is no obstacle to a divorcee, or a priest married to a divorcee, being consecrated.

It means that a number of clergy who have been rejected in the past by the Crown Nominations Commission, the body responsible for appointing bishops, will now be put forward for consideration. The first beneficiary of the change could be the Rev Nick Holtam, vicar of St Martin in the Fields in London, whose supporters want to propose as the next Bishop of Southwark.

COMMENT: Which would be popular with very many Anglicans in Southwark. However, and this is only a rumour, OCICBW... has been told that the incredibly hard working, and truly inclusive, vicar of St. Martin has had his nomination for the see blocked by the downsizing Bishop of W and another unnamed bishop. Well, all I can say is, if this is true, I hope some ordinary, Christ centred Anglican scuppers the evangelical stitch up going on in Rochester at this moment in time. We could end up, over the years, with no bishops in England as everyone put forward is sure to get blackballed by somebody. And would that be such a bad thing?

Mind you, this also explains why I haven't been offered the job yet.



  1. I think it would be wrong if Rev. Holtam were not to be allowed to be a bishop simply because his wife was briefly married in her teens. So, I am for this. However, it does also highlight the hypocrisy of a Church which seems to be more tolerant when it is convenient to heterosexuals.

  2. As I am about to move into TEC’s diocese w/ the twice-divorced, thrice-married bishop (+Beisner, NorCal), I really have nothing to say…

    [Oh bother: for all the threads you’ve posted that have been titled “Caption This”, and NOW I get the wv, “caption”!]

  3. We could end up, over the years, with no bishops in England

    Would that not take the cake that (Grand)Mother CoE had to go to one of the colonials hat in hand and seek a bishop and an Apostolic Succession?

  4. You have to have bishops. Only bishops are (self)important enough to talk to the RCC. You cannot expect a cardinal to speak to mere mortals.


  5. No bishops AND we don’t have to speak to Roman Catholic cardinals anymore? This is becoming a very attractive proposition.

  6. I know two english priest here in America because they were divorced and remarried… great priest. Keep sending them! Oh, I guess you won’t have to…