Miss Ellie, a cock-eyed Chinese Crested Hairless dog who took top honors at the Animal Planet 2009 "World's Ugliest Dog" pageant, died Tuesday after a long career in show business and years of do-gooding for animal shelters. She was 17.

"It was not unexpected even though she had been doing well," owner Dawn Goehring told The Mountain Press.

Goehring rescued Ellie eight years ago from an owner who no longer wanted her - and has since entered the loveably ugly pup in several competitions to raise prize money for animal shelters and the Humane Society.

To honor Ellie's charity efforts - she raised over $100,000 for her community over the years - the mayor of her town has proclaimed Nov. 12 "Miss Ellie Day." Goehring will pay respects to Ellie by raising money for a new animal shelter. "I am going to make that my driven goal to do in her honor," Goehring said.



  1. I love the contest. Some folks think it is about mocking the dogs, but it really is about celebrating and giving positive attention to dogs that don’t fit the expectation of beauty. My fav is an Italian Greyhound named Victoria who was rescued from being euthanized because of her conditions:

    Who knew that a 4 lbs., four-year-old purebred Italian Greyhound with a deformity caused by hydrocephalus, an amputated tail, blind in the right eye, seizures, a deformed face, arched back, a healed broken leg and walking in a goofy way could take top honors at the contest with a face and body only a mother could love.

    She was almost put down by the breeder when she was 2 months old, but she was noticed by someone who contacted “Operation Greyhound” in El Cajon.

  2. AWWW. How about that? 🙂 A little namesake I didn’t even know about.

    Wish I were as successful at fundraising!

    Rest in peace, sweet girl.

  3. Quite honestly, human Ellie, I think you should be grateful that you don’t have canine Ellie’s attributes for fund raising.

  4. Miss Ellie was seriously cute, and with personality and chutzpah to spare. May she rest in peace and rise in glory with us all.