Bishop Daren Williams, leader of the Diocese of the West of the traditionalist Anglican Church in America, has called an extraordinary synod for July 1 at All Saint’s Anglican Church in Fountain Valley, the diocese’s cathedral parish, “to gather for prayer and discussion regarding the opportunity for the Diocese of the West to enter into communion with the Roman Catholic Church under the structure of a Personal Anglican Ordinariate.”

“In recent times the Holy Spirit has moved groups of Anglicans to petition repeatedly and insistently to be received into full Catholic communion individually as well as corporately,” says the opening paragraph of the apostolic constitution. “The Apostolic See has responded favorably to such petitions. Indeed, the successor of Peter, mandated by the Lord Jesus to guarantee the unity of the episcopate and to preside over and safeguard the universal communion of all the Churches, could not fail to make available the means necessary to bring this holy desire to realization.”

COMMENT: You know, one day I am going to have to buy myself a copy of this other Bible that is so popular with the hating denominations. I expect it's expensive as it obviously contains a lot more than the bog standard Bible that ordinary Christians tend to read.



  1. “….mandated by the Lord Jesus to guarantee the unity of the episcopate and to preside over and safeguard the universal communion…” I just read Dr. Williams’ Pentecost letter. This sounds like his job description. I am so confused.


  2. The correct Concordance is all you need to go with the Bible you already have. Then you will be on the pure and holy path to true belief.

  3. I wonder if “Bishop” Williams will be taking his wife along with him…er I should say, his second wife. What joy.

  4. They are dreaming if they think that the Pope will let them run a separate diocese or remain married.

  5. Forget the dodgy translation, why not declare yourself a branch of the ‘I can’t believe its not CofE’. As we know, everyone in those sort of groups has to be at least a bishop, well everyone who matters anyway, with total power (in your own head at least) and absolutely no personal responsibility. Just think of the man lace you could indulge in and you even get to claim someone else’s property as your own! Where is the down side?!

  6. Nah. Their bible is smaller and cheaper. It doesn’t have the Gospels with Jesus’s words. None of that crap about loving all and judging none. And none of that stuff about how difficult it is for a wealthy person to get into heaven.

  7. Nancy, the “apostolic constitution” does allow them to remain married. it mandates no new marriages. That is tough for a ‘bishop’ who is already on wife #2. He will be prohibited from acquiring #3.

    He also won’t be a bishop. He will be re-ordered as a priest with special leadership assignments. That is Benny’s best offer.


  8. I always look to see if these ‘bishops’ came from TEC. This guy does not show up in either the 1995 or 2005 clergy book I have… an import?