Please pray for our good friend, Ann (who has provided OCICBW... with a heck of a lot of copy over the years) and for her family. Her brother died suddenly on Sunday. As is her style, Ann is dealing with her loss quietly, but I believe Grandmère Mimi has some details on her WOUNDED BIRD blog.



Please say a little prayer for me, folks. i just got home from having hand surgery and i can't type worth shit.

surgery on left hand; already have a broken finger on right hand...

ah, the little challenges that come our way!


Posted by Susan Gage at WAKE UP AND LIVE:

Today (1st. June) is the day that my friend, Terry Galloway, will take a brave step toward hearing. The doctors will be "turning her on" (yes, please snicker: she'd approve!) Prayers for her and her medical team as medical technology attempts to give her what medical treatment took away from her in utero.

UPDATE (2nd. June): For an hour they were fine tuning the cochlear via Terry listening only to sounds on the computer. Unlike most people who get "turned on", Terry loved (not hated) the high pitched sounds (as if she'd never heard them before, or hadn't heard them for 40 or more years, she was quite excited.)

Then they turned the cochlear on in the room itself, and Terry freaked out at the sound of the computer next to her, her own voice and the sounds of other voices. Audiologist said "speech is complicated and takes time." Audiologist then took out kid's musical instruments, and Terry was particularly thrilled at the sound of the xylophone and adored the bell.



Posted by Cynthia at REVEREND MOM:

My niece Madeline, seventeen years old, is facing two hip surgeries this month. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, especially you church-folk prayer angels. She's had a rough road and needs some relief. Yes, that's a huge scar on her knee from a previous surgery.

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THE PRAYER LIST — 8 Comments

  1. Prayers said for all.

    I also ask for my friend Bruce with a nasty foot infection. Mercifully it had not gone into osteomyelitis.

  2. I was going to say “Cynthia, tell Madeline her scars are sexy“…

    …but as she is {gulp} 17, just tell her “Hang in there, kiddo!” 😉

  3. Thanks, MP, and all. Terry is getting worn out from the sounds she can hear. The doctors will increase her capacity to hear gradually over the next month.