Rivers State Governor, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, says the recent ordination of a gay Bishop in the Anglican Church in the United States of America is the height of moral decadence in the Church in particular and the world in general. Governor Amaechi said this when the new Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, led a delegation to visit him in Government House, Port Harcourt.

Represented by his deputy, Engr. Tele Ikuru, Governor Amaechi condemned the act, regretting the continued trend of moral laxity of people of this generation in spite of the proliferation of churches in the world.

Commending the new Primate for his elevation, the state chief executive urged him to face the challenge of redeeming the battered image of the Church frontally, saying " Primate, you have a lot in your hands; the times are not good and challenges are daunting," urging him to restore the virtues that made the Church a sacred institution.

He said, "It takes the will and grace of God for anybody to be lifted," calling on the church to collaborate with government in building a virile society, describing the Church as "the soul of the people."



  1. Oh a ¨virile¨ society!

    A Society made up of ¨virile¨ men who hack other ¨virile¨ men to death, thieve from one another/strangers, export bigotry and hate and whip out their ongoing ignorance while ignoring the basic dignity and human rights of Nigerian citizens and others, how appealing!

    You betcha, unrepentant, corrupt virile grandstanding deadbeats and thugs is the answer to the vertical moral rot problem in Nigeria (despite soaring Church attendence where hate spewing and outcasting during the homily is the norm)!

    Hooligans UNITED!

  2. “…calling on the church to collaborate with government in building a virile society…”

    Because, of course, the church is at its best when it collaborates with the government.

  3. Represented by his deputy, Engr. Tele Ikuru

    So in fact the governor did not have the time or inclination to actually meet the primate in person, this was all done by his lackey.

    I wonder if the primate was also actually there, or was he represented by a lackey as well?

    And it was really just two lackeys bullshitting for their masters.

  4. Well — let’s see: that leaves out all women, children and men who are smart enough to not define themselves in terms of being virile (beating up or killing other “virile” men)

    Glad to bre left out.

  5. Rivers State Governor, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

    That name look familiar?

    It did to me—so I checked. Yup.

    Whaddaya bet the “Honorable” Governor is RELATED to the (retired) Gay NBA player?

  6. Moral Decadence, hm? My family are going to Nigeria this summer and I dearly would love to take some pictures of the sort of homes the Bishops live in. These men have tremendous power over society and that they can accuse anyone else of moral decadence would be funny if it wasn’t so disgustingly hypocritical.