By constantly attacking TEC, Rowan Williams is trying to create a false "us and them" situation. This is so he can ignore the obvious fact that there are plenty of "them" much closer to his Lambeth home, including a high proportion in his own fiefdom, the Church of England.

At least ACNA has the guts to ex-communicate everybody who disagrees with them wherever they may be. Williams doesn't have the guts to attack people in his own backyard. He feels so much safer if there is an ocean between the "naughty" people and himself.

In secular Britain, Rowan Williams has completely lost any kudos he started the job with. The government, academia and the "chattering classes" regard him as either a homophobe or a coward (or a cowardly homophobe, of course). The non-chattering classes don't understand a word he says and so they just ignore him. His only supporters in the Church of England are homophobes, sycophants and snobs who think that loyalty to Oxbridge and the old boys network is far more important than their own intellectual integrity or trifling stuff like the gospel truth (yes, I am talking about you General Synod liberals and you should be ashamed of yourselves). His attack on TEC at this time is posturing that fools nobody except himself (and I like to think that somewhere inside this strange new invention that he has made of himself there is a bit of old Rowan that isn't fooled either).

Of course, if the Americans swallow his "cunning plan," which as natural born martyrs they may very well do, the quivering intellectual elite of the Church of England will roll over and show him their bellies and we all remain in something a lot less enlightened than the Dark Ages for years to come. What is actually required is for the talking heads of TEC to give Williams, Wright et al a taste of their own medicine. They lecture TEC without invitation. It's time that TEC stopped thinking only of themselves and how much money they have and started lecturing the rest of us without invitation.

TEC members complain when Tom Wright flies over to the States to "educate" them and gain disciples. But why shouldn't he? It's a free market and one invented by Americans. In stead of whinging and sissy comments about funding, they should be more American and fly over here and educate us and gain disciples for their more righteous cause.

For goodness sake, the US is never backward in coming forward when they want to export their crap to the rest of us. Why is it that when they've got some good product, like a truly inclusive church, they are reluctant to ram it down our throats? The only answer I can come up with is that they actually desire isolation and see Williams as an opportunity to gain this American default position without having to blame themselves for it happening.



  1. Jonathan, I did my part. My post was linked at Thinking Anglicans, my first link from them as far as I can remember. Somehow, I don’t believe that +++Rowan will ever see my message. I am one of the little people.

    The truest words in your post:

    (yes, I am talking about you General Synod liberals and you should be ashamed of yourselves).

    Are they brain dead, cowardly? The progressives in the Church of England need to show signs of a desire to fight to drag their church out of the dark ages. It’s hard to help folks who show no signs of wanting help. The progressives with influence in the CofE seem to have given up, but for a few bishops who speak out once they are safely retired and are collecting their pensions. You’re one of the little people, so your words don’t count for much, either.

    It’s quite difficult to care what a person says when he shows contempt for my church, and, time after time, behaves in an egregiously unpastoral manner. Shame on him.

  2. Well, I’m awfully big, and I’ve dated a few marines in my time… Does that count?

    Perhaps it is time to start the American Church in the United Kingdom. Do you have any real estate where we could get most of the parishioners to vote to leave the C of E and become Episcopalians? From what I saw most any Church in London is far to the left of Rowan Who.

    (St. Paul’s was very nice, and their organ was nearly as good as the Skinner organ at St. Luke’s here in Portland Maine.)

    Since Rowan Who doesn’t believe in non-Sharia litigation it should be easy to establish missions over there without much investment or much fuss.

  3. Why is it that when they’ve got some good product, like a truly inclusive church, they are reluctant to ram it down our throats?

    The Episcopal Church is not the US government. We’ve had outsiders come into our church to divide, and it’s quite an unpleasant experience on the receiving end. For better or for worse, the leadership in TEC will not invade the Church of England to establish missions.

    What are progressive-minded people in the Church of England doing to bring about change? I mean besides you, Jonathan.

  4. I know I in just a small corner of the Anglican world, but I think that I’m pretty safe in saying that TEC is not interested in isolationism in the least. However, there is a great deal of second-guessing when it comes to anything that would appear to harken back to a imperialistic day (i.e., “You need to be more like us.”). This has been expressed to me by people who are liberal “progressive inclusivists,” so I am not referring to “middle roaders,”

  5. We in TEC can’t say much about Rowan’s lack of guts to excommunicate; we’ve lacked the same guts, leading to the existence of ACNA. Had we excommunicated the IRDers when we should have, they’d have no legitimacy to their Anglican ploys.

    Liberal Christians will be thrown under the bus again to keep TEC’s bishops in a pseudo-Rome. Wait and see.

  6. “In stead of whinging and sissy comments about funding, they should be more American and fly over here and educate us and gain disciples for their more righteous cause.”

    We could wish.

    I think, however, that deep down most US Episcopalians still think of you lot as the Mother County so it never occurs to us we could do such a thing.

    More’s the pity.

  7. You can’t enter the blogsphere without disseminated ideas flying about.
    What I want to know is why they seem to meet with so much resistance.

    It’s so totally incomprehensible. Even if you don’t support same sex rights, you should still be alarmed at where the CoE is drifting and at the regulatory constraints Rowan is trying to impose through the Covenant.

    These people are like turkeys voting for Christmas, and I really really don’t understand it.

  8. We’ll be right over! We’ll call it “Operation Inclusive Church”. Prepare for the Shock and Awe!!

    +Gene attempted to do his part when he was treated like a side-show at the last Lambeth Conference.

  9. Jonathan, set up a tour for me with all expenses paid, and I’ll go over there with an army of TECs.

    ♫ Over There, Over There
    Send the word, send the word,
    Over There
    That the TECs are coming,
    The TECs are coming,
    The drums rum tumming everywhere
    So prepare,
    Say a Prayer
    Send the word,
    Send the word to beware
    We’ll be over, we’re coming over.
    And we won’t be back till it’s over over there! ♫

    It will be bloody, but we’ll win in the end.

  10. Mimi, you are getting a bit gung-ho about this. Perhaps you ought to send some men over. They will be less aggressive than you American wimmin. This is about persuasion, not invasion.

  11. That’s it! We could create the OCICBW… speaking tour. Of course, funding would be provided by government subsidies, what with to handle the crowds and all.

  12. KJ, you are boringly gay, but your idea for an OCICBW speaking tour is great. Perhaps, we’d even have a riot or two. No speaking tour is worth its salt without protesters and riots.

  13. the problem is that we don’t have an Archbishop – and the Presiding Bishop doesn’t speak for the church. Most of our bishops are simply not terribly interested in the whole Anglican Communion thing (I don’t KNOW this, but that’s how it appears) since they’ve got enough trouble in their own dioceses…. Still, I wish some of them would speak u p…

  14. Heck, the last thing we want over here is your diocesan bishops (I expect most of them are as uninspiring as ours). You can do a lot better than that. We need theological heavyweights in this battle (remember Wright and Williams both consider themselves theologians rather than pastors).