What the Archbishop neglects is that people do the exegesis. Exegesis most often follows from what the people doing the exegeting believe, not the other way around... When people accept same-sex love as legitimate, exegesis will provide the biblical foundation for it.

What Christians who approve of same-sex love need most is not more and better exegesis but to find non-exegetical ways to change hearts and minds. When that happens, the foundational and sustaining exegesis will be forthcoming. Selah!

Hint: The best, but not unfailing, way to change minds is to demonstrate the deep and immense suffering caused by the church's traditional attitude.
(Kenneth Cauthen at LIBERAL TO LEFT MUSINGS)

COMMENT: This is a hypothesis that I have put forward at OCICBW... in the past. The Bible may teach us how to do theology but, even so, only if we accept its contextual nature. But it was never intended to be the last word on every religious and moral question. If that was its intention then somebody would have done a much better job of editing it.



  1. I agree MP. If God intended the Bible to be read literally he would have been more careful. The greatest example, so called, (though thankfully not the only example)of faith given in the Bible is someone behaving like a murderous nutter.

    And don’t fundies realise that if they say that God hates gays and yet he makes 10-20-30% of the population gay that this must be one of the strongest arguments in favour of there being no God?

  2. From yesterday’s readings, “I have yet many things to teach you but you are not able to bear them. The father will send you the Spirit.”

    From Rowan’s letter, “The Spirit is not a primate and does not have a vote as it is a consultant.”


  3. I consider my parish to have been blessed with the best possible education in GLBT issues. Years ago our former rector made it his policy that this was to be a non-issue, and that anyone who wanted to undertake a ministry should be allowed to do so. Over the years we learned to see each other as people and members of the Body of Christ first, and all other “demographic markers” became “adiaphora.” Stereotypes were broken and a strong, healthy, and growing parish was born. I’m happy to say that the current clergy continue the parish’s motto, “Seeking Christ in all persons, serving Christ in all persons.”

  4. Jim beat me to yesterday’s reading.

    Speaking from personal experience, it has been my observation that the only way to change hearts and minds is transparently living out the Incarnation — God is with us means God is with the GLBT individual, and when we obscure that with our lack of authenticity, no one is challenged to growth.

    Does this have the potential to lead to “immense suffering”? Most certainly. But again, speaking from personal experience, when at peace with one’s creator, all the nonsense swirling around one is exposed to be the drivel that it is.