A western Minnesota man has been found guilty of killing a toddler while swinging a baseball bat at her father at church. He was accused of striking the 14-month-old after he got into a fight over a $20 debt with her father at Thy Kingdom Come World Ministries in Wheaton last September.

At the time of the attack, Thy Kingdom Come church was led by Pastor Danny Barnes, who’s now serving an 11-year sentence for an unrelated assault.


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  1. I think I understand now why Christian Vision for Men claim that love, compassion and grace are not “male concepts”. (points to earlier ‘love is for girlies’ post).

  2. Yes, Tim. The Thy Kingdom Come Church is a groundbreaking example of the Emergent Church. This is the sort of fresh expression that we should be encouraging. The only problem I see in their experiment is that, although they are obviously attracting men to their worship, they do seem to be losing quite a few to prison. I think they need to spin this as mission opportunities.

  3. I think it may be the “Call Emergency” Church rather than the Emergent Church.

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  4. Apparently there is a Wheaton in Minnesota. As I live near Wheaton, Illinois, I was glad to figure that out!

    What a tragic mess. The founding ‘pastor’ of this disaster is serving 11 years for leading a home invasion in which he beat up his son. His excuse was he was trying to force the son into a drug rehab program. The judge was not impressed.

    Horrible that this is what some people now think the church is.


    Grant unto this child your mercy; may she rest in peace and rise in glory.

  5. There’s also a Wheaton in Maryland.

    At least the Vikings are *honest* about their weapon-wielding…



  6. A post at Gay Spirit Diary links here today – although I might have thought better of it if I’d known Thy Kingdom Come meant baseball bats swung at little girls. Lord, we’re all doomed if this keeps up.

  7. So has the parish now realigned with ACNA or AMiA?

    They are discussing that at the moment.

    The paramedics have been called.