1. Love it, love it, love it!

    And marmalades are truly the best! (Although don’t tell my black kitty and my tortie that I said so, PLEASE!)

  2. And marmalades are truly the best!

    Ellie, marmalades are totally and absolutely adorable but I personally will always love tabbies the best.

  3. PS my beloved Fifi, now gone, was definitely Pawtestant. She was always testing me with her paws, in that every time I gave her a tummy tickle she would purr madly and knead my arm vigorously with her front paws, which was painful, not that she meant it that way. Awwww she was such a lovely cat. Sigh.

    In fact, maybe she was Purrtestant as well as Pawtestant.

    wv – cling. Awwwwww again!

  4. My last two kitties were lynx-point siamese. Very pretty. No crossed eyes. Delightful dispositions. Their names were consecutively HRH Juliana I and II.

    Their favorite game was me throwing a ball of wadded aluminum. They would bring it back and drop it at my feet to throw it again.

  5. They would bring it back and drop it at my feet to throw it again.

    Are you sure they weren’t chihuahuas, Dah-veed? Sizewise there’s not much difference, so I can understand how you may have got confused.

  6. Yes, MP, I too thought that it was very dog-like behavior, especially when two consecutive cats, who never met one another, learned it. But they had sand-paper tongues, said meow and used a cat box, definitely not chihuahuas.

  7. My cat Jeoffrey was a marmalade, but he was crazier than Christopher Smart. He enjoyed (a) ninja attacks on ankles passing doorways and (b) knocking a bottle cap down the stairwell and fetching it back up, repeated ad nauseam. The downstairs neighbor worked nights and was not amused.

  8. When I was in college, there was a little Tortie who lived next door. Our yard had an Black Walnut tree, and if you rolled a walnut away from her (“Muskrat” was her name), she would fetch it and return it to you.


    Speaking of Torties: I just saw my favorite today, for what is quite possibly the last time. “Xena” lives at Prior Aelred’s Abbey, in Michigan—from which I depart next week, for Californi-ay (if I’m not dead yet, from the move. Prayers, please! And for the pic-contributing Skittles, who is helping me. I’ll miss her cat, Marmalade, too).