1. I heartily agree. I joined Facebook and, after a few months, thought I had left. I like reading friends thoughts on their blogs but am not interested in what time they went to bed or what the weather is like in their section of the world (unless it is catastrophic requiring prayers). I tried to leave but every few weeks, found I had been reinstated. Finally I seem to have blocked such reinstatements. Now my beef with you Jonathon. I occasionally want to discuss matters on your blog eg the recent problems with the priest north of Sydney but nothing in the world will entice me to rejoin Facebook.

  2. It’s fecking annoying, Brian. I resisted until I got to the point where I was thinking of closing the blog because the conversation had died. I opened up a discussion group on facebook which is pretty much exactly the same format as Chin Wag. The facebook threads are getting loads of comments, almost as many as OCICBW… used to get back in the day.

    I think the problem is that a lot of people don’t like dealing with more than one platform and that most of our old friends have decided that facebook is the place they want to be.

    If I could put back the hands of time, I would. Blogger and Typepad have proved themselves to be 100% reliable in respect of security. People are plain stupid at times.