1. Those of us who never lost heart and faith, even in the midst of the snarky attacks of the infidels, should be shown a little iLove.

  2. The True iSystem once delivered to all the Saints.

    I look at my faithful reliable iMac and say, “Well done good and faithful servant!” My ancient gumdrop still works, and works fine. It’s just that nothing works with it anymore.

  3. Did ya’ll miss me? I was away traveling for a wee bit.

    Yea, they are predicting that my Apple stock may rise to US$400 a share. I bought it many years ago at about US$30 a share. I have never touched it. I just roll it back into new shares and it has split a number of times as well.

    I am waiting for my Starbucks stock to do better.

  4. I don’t worship at the altar of either Gates or Jobs. But those who worship at Jobs’s altar might want to consider some comments in a recent Newsweek column – Apple vs. the Web: The Case for Staying Out of Steve Jobs’s Walled Garden – concerning Apple’s control-freak control over the iPhone, iPad, etc.:


    There’s another issue for media companies to consider,which is, do you really dare to get into bed with Apple, and put yourself at the mercy of Steve Jobs?

    Over and over, Apple has run roughshod over its partners. This is Apple’s one great weakness—they simply do not know how to play well with others.

    Recently Apple has been bullying developers, issuing new rules telling them what tools they can and cannot use when they make apps. Apple also hopes to give itself a leg up in the advertising space by prohibiting apps from sharing usage data with third-party ad networks. Apple’s new policies reportedly now have drawn the attention of federal antitrust regulators.

    More relevant to media companies is the way Apple has been policing content, blocking apps that ridicule public figures or contain material that Apple considers objectionable. Why would a media organization align itself with a distributor that insists on having a say about the material that is being published?

    The reason is that Apple has rounded up a huge audience, having sold close to 80 million devices that run the iPhone OS. We’ve all heard about the little companies that are making lots of money selling iPhone apps.

    The hope among media companies seems to be that it’s worth putting up with Apple’s control-freakery for a chance to get in on the gold rush. Plus, don’t forget, the media companies are struggling, and they can’t figure out the Internet, and desperate times call for desperate measures, and so forth.

    In other words, from Apple’s perspective, they’re perfect.

    Just remember—the music industry at one time made a similar Faustian bargain with Jobs & Co., betting that the pros would outweigh the cons. They didn’t come away too thrilled.

  5. This will be the first time Dr Primrose that I will disagree with what you say, most of which is utter and ignorant bullshit!

    Please, as you are want to usually do, educate yourself better in the world of technology before you swallow the jism of the shills for MS, Goggle and Adobe.

    Every one of the falsehoods that you repeat in your above rant has been answered and dismissed by non-Apple engineers who understand the underlying technology of the iPhone OS as well as the chips that run the OS and their demand for power, all in a portable battery operated device. These are not desktop or laptop computers, they operate differently and have a whole new class of needs.

    Apple let MS and Adobe hold them back in the past, that is why Apple takes a hard stand against their attempts to repeat the control they once exerted over Apple with regard to the Mac and the Mac OS.

    If you wish to enlighten yourself about the issues read here;

  6. Dah*veed, I’m just passing on an article for your consideration. I don’t know enough – and frankly, don’t care – about the differences to get in the Microsoft-Apple fight! It may be utter and ignorant bullshit but it’s not MY utter and ignorant bullshit. I have enough utter and ignorant bullshit about stuff I actually do know about so I can’t take responsiblity for utter and ignorant bullshit I don’t know about!

  7. I am sorry that I took your comment as your thoughts on the matter.

    In the past you have managed to pass on utter and ignorant bullshit from the haters without it sounding like utter and ignorant bullshit coming from you.