1. Susan- I’ve got an earring and I’m a Rev (but then again only a Methodist minister-so to an RC priest not a ‘real minister’)….but then again, although I often clutch pint glasses I do not possess a red scarf-y thingy or a nice black taffeta coat like yer man here

  2. Yes, Graham, but are you Irish? And only one earring which I’m sure is very discreet. I also notice that this “priest” is not clutching a pint, but one of those vile plastic “glasses” that usually contain some vile drink other than bitter.

    MP, WWWD? I’m sure that Graham follows the “all things in moderation” rule. You didn’t sign the pledge when you were 8, right Graham?

  3. WWWG? Wesley wanted to throw out of the nascent methodist movemnet anyone who advocated temperance as he felt it to be unbiblical (true by the way)…..
    let us not forget he was an anglican.

    ,,,,small children think I am a pirate because of my earring- well it is a sheltered village here (a class last week thought I looked like Brad Pitt).

    Anyway- yer man does look rather tired- I think he needs a rest,,,,probably too many days of obligation or something.