1. heh heh! very good

    though I can’t help feeling any cat the Phelpses owned would have a much scarier look on its face than that.

  2. Susan S – indeed! And there would be a group of them with terrible stick figure drawings of dogs doing naughty things to each other.

  3. MP, this has to be right up there among your “Top Ten” Photoshoppies. The cat looks just like my Snowgirl. I must ask her if she has been posing for you when I’m not around. Although my cat is pure white. This one appears a bit orange on the head.

  4. To me, it looks like that cat LOVES dogs: Chihuahua-stuffed chalupas!

    [Skittles, if you’re here: don’t give Marms any ideas re Harley and Diesel! (the Chihuahuas who live across the hall from Marms, El Gato Grande)]

  5. Hey, I know that parish . . . thought about putting my name in there . . . but now that I know they host gangs of marauding Phelps-cats, I realize I’m well out of it.

  6. MP–
    did you know that Danvers was originally Salem Village–the place where the witch mania started?

    The original church is still going, albeit in a much newer building and a more liberal congregation these days.

  7. The original church is still going, albeit with a more liberal congregation these days

    Where’s the fun in that?