A couple of weeks ago the people of Britain voted in a Conservative government.

As a socialist I feel alienated and sorrowful.
But I'm not going to emigrate.



  1. As a socialist, didn’t you feel alienated and sorrowful under the Labour government, of both Blair and Brown?

  2. Technically speaking, the people of Britain didn’t vote in the Tories – they took a look at the three choices and said “A plague on all your houses.” It was only because the Lib Dems hooked up with the Tories that we now have the government we do. Quite a few people who voted Lib Dem would not have done so if it had been clear that was how it was going to turn out. Not a few Lib Dems themselves are not pleased about it either. It was in fact perfectly possible that the Lib Dems might have hooked up with Labour plus a couple of the smaller parties, and then we’d have a Labour government. But, as you say, as a socialist you’re still left out in the cold.

  3. Well, if you ever do get the urge to emigrate, the US really isn’t the place for an open socialist, for sure.

    But if you did emigrate, where would you like to go?

    I’m just curious.

  4. I too feel alienated.. Good point MadPriest – like the analogy.. although I gotta say the emigrating thing does sometimes have its attractions?

  5. We’ve sussed that one out already, Doxy. We discovered one photograph of her where she was wearing so much lace that it was obvious that she is really a man.

  6. She has already done that, Doxy, with all that giggling and laughing she does. Quite honestly, it’s the sort of behaviour I only expect off the girlies.

  7. I’ve just done some sums. There was a Labour government in power in Australia from 1983 to 1996. Then a conservative government got in. I left the country in 1999 and came to the UK. For the past 11 years it’s been Labour here too. That means I’ve only had to put up with cap-C conservatives in power for 3 of the past 28 years. That was clever of me, how did I manage that?

    It means this new lot will take some getting used to tho (even though they’re pretty centre-right when it comes down to it).

  8. What can actually be seen of them appears to be semi-sheer stockings.

    MP I agree with you about them. They contribute to the development of varicose veins.

  9. I think you should emigrate (across The Pond), MP.

    But not just because the wanker Tories are in 10 Downing.