We just have bishops and archbishops in the Church of England, so, tell me, is there a special service in the US for making somebody into an openly lesbian bishop? And, what if I was offered a bishop's post in the US - could I opt for the openly lesbian option? Does it only take properly if the other bishops who lay hands on you are openly lesbian. If a secretly gay bishop got in on the action would your openly lesbian orders be valid? If Mary was fed up with being lesbian could she have asked to have been consecrated as a straight female bishop?



  1. Well, KJ, if you ever decide that you want to go straight I suggest that being consecrated a straight male bishop is an easier and far less traumatic way to do it than going through all that ex-gay programming (which doesn’t seem to have a very high success rate).

  2. No, you would have to be consecrated as an Openly Mad Bishop. (As opposed to the many Closet Mad Bishops).

  3. You may have saved the Grand Tufti’s arse, Boaz. Do you think if they consecrated me as an openly mad bishop it would take some of the heat of the gay bishops? The GAFCON nutters might turn their attention towards me. I think it’s worth giving it a shot.

  4. It might just work. As an Openly Mad Bishop you would be hated by the GAFCON nutters, (they would see you as competition) but you might also be hated by the Tufti (fro the same reason).

  5. I know this is picky, and I don’t really want to tell anyone how to do his/her job, but the headline really should read “The Openly Lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool is Consecrated Bishop.” Or something like that. Get those descriptive words in early.

  6. Well, being that you already have one wife (I trust, not any more than that?), MP, I think you’d make an ideal “Openly Lesbian Bishop”. [I’m not sure even YOU could prove you have a Y chromosome!]

  7. A further thought: Northern Michigan is ready to search for a bishop again. Perhaps Renz could nominate you, MP, to be their Openly Lesbian Bishop? [The dogs would bloody ADORE the U.P.! I think 7-8 months or so of Frozen Wasteland would suit your personality, as well. ;-p]

  8. Thank you, Susan S.! Your comments aren’t picky at all, far too few people pay any attention to grammar these days. Adjectives really need to be next to the appropriate nouns. The GLAAD blog needs a copy editor… (Though, I must say, I enjoy the laughter that ensues when I read mangled headlines!)