1. I think the brown-out areas should be increased in the more Republican areas, …That’ll teach em’ a lesson!!

  2. Brownout – (electricity) drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, so named because it typically causes lights to dim.

    Which is normal for California,..not normal in my area..Central Florida.

  3. David, I have not heard of brown outs in CA. IT or someone please confirm. The brown outs occur in the Northeast on both sides of the St Lawrence River where there is a huge concentration of humans, both Statesonian and Canadian.

    How do Republicans purposely use more electricity when they are given this info? Are they purposely leaving all their lights on all night? Are they running their air conditioners more than usual? Did they turn their refrigerators and freezers to colder settings? Seems ludicrous to me.

  4. They are turning up the volume on Beck and turning off the rest of the world.


  5. Interestingly, that attitude is not characteristic of many of the oldest “fiscal/business” Republicans – the ones who grew up with wartime rationing (rather minor in the US, but real). My elderly parents remember the vagaries of long-distance courting, what with the need for saving up gas coupons, ride-sharing with other young people, and so on. My mother turns out the lights when leaving rooms, runs efficient errands, etc.

    My father’s adult children (in their 20s) by another marriage are somewhat oblivious to environmental concerns. They are nice, generally responsible, have worked hard in their educations and early careers – but they just haven’t experienced scarcity or developed thrift.

  6. In the 70s, my parents (Sacramento CA) signed up to have a remotely-controlled regulator put on the A/C. They were told “Sign-up for voluntary ‘cycling’ on your A/C [that is, the air conditioner would be cycled off for brief periods, on max use days], and you’ll be spared involuntary black-out/brown-out later.”

    Of course, my parents were life-long Democrats. [And as w/ a lot of good ideas in the 70s, they were all abandoned in the 80s Reagan Revolution.]