Maria Vittoria Longhitano, 35, will be ordained in an Anglican church in Rome, a stone's throw from the Vatican, this month. She is a member of the Old Catholics. They do not believe in papal infallibility or the Immaculate Conception and are not recognised by the Vatican.

Mrs Longhitano, a married teacher from Milan, said she hoped to stimulate a debate and break down the "prejudice" within the Catholic Church when she is ordained at All Saints Anglican Church, near Rome's famous Spanish Steps, on May 22.

"My ordination represents a great chance for all women of faith. It means hope, it means giving a push to an important debate between Catholics on the issue of denying women the possibility of fulfilling their vocations and being ordained as ministers," she said.

COMMENT: She looks too young to be an old Catholic.



  1. Can we contact the Old Catholics and ask for a copy of their Rite for the Blessing of the Pizza Boxes? Sounds like something the rest of us might find very useful.

    Congratulations and blessings for Maria Vittoria. Get over it, Benny.

  2. How will the Romans deal with that?

    Easy … they will simply say that the ordination is not valid. Then they will just dismiss her as a “fake priest.”

  3. You are right, Whiteycat. But in doing so they contradict their own doctrine of apostolic succession. Their dismissal of Anglican orders was based on their allegation that our line of apostolic succession was broken. They cannot say that about the Old Catholics.

    In fact, we have made certain that we are now undeniably connected to the apostolic succession by inviting Old Catholic bishops to take part in our ordinations in the past.

    This may be of no interest to most of us around here, but you can be certain it annoys the hell out of the Vatican boys.

  4. I don’t think so, Dah • veed. At least, not at the time. But it is generally accepted within Anglicanism that the Scottish succession was uninterrupted.

    Of course, it’s all mumbo jumbo.

  5. …or hocus pocus.

    [Girlfriend needs to comb her hair. At first blush, thought it was a Roman boy who’d forgotten to remove his wig (after Saturday night’s usual festivities in the Vatican cloakroom)]

  6. They’re coming to take me away, Ha Ha, Hee hee, ho ho, to the happy home…Where life is beautiful all the time (on Thorazine)