There's been a lot of whinging around the Neighbourhood, especially from certain Southern States Americans, about British Petroleum and the minor oil spillage in some godforsaken part of the world that's only fit for Mexicans and people who speak French anyway. Personally, I can't see what all the fuss is about because I doubt if it affects my life in the slightest. Also, I don't think the people who are complaining realise the lengths the people who run companies like BP go to so that they can make sure accidents like this accident that has just happened never happen. Hopefully, this video will explain everything and you can all stop going on and on about it. And another thing, you Americans make such a lot of fuss about the price of gas and then when a few million gallons of the stuff washes up on your shores, that's sitting there ready for you to just pick up for absolutely no cost whatsoever, you make a fuss about that as well. Go figure!


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  1. At least, it’s not “the major disaster to wildlife and the environment that was originally expected.”

    Than who expected? Tony (The Dick) Hayward?

    Jonathan, sorry. I couldn’t resist. ūüôā

  2. The humour here is so wicked good, so scathing and tragic all at once … and God knows there will be people who *really do* think this way … The photo alone says so much …

    Love your fearless heart, MP …

  3. :struggles not to cry:

    I don’t want to wake Joe up; he’s asleep. That poor bird.

    I can’t take any more. All I want to hear is “the leak is contained.” I’m tired of delays and excuses and half-assed attempts to stop this thing.

    No more news for me for a while. I get entirely too brokenhearted over this.

  4. A completely sleepless night. It’s been a long time since that last happened. I normally manage to doze off for a couple of hours. Now I’m just waiting for Jane to wake up in about 45 minutes. At least then it won’t feel so weird and lonely.

  5. I heard last night on Rachel Maddow’s show that the oil platform was flying the flag of the Marshall Islands so that the Coast Guard would use M.I. safety standards to inspect it. What standards are those, you ask? Indeed.

    And today I happened to be looking at a map of the Isle of Purbeck and saw an interesting-looking place called Wytch Farm not far from Corfe Castle. Turns out the former farm is now owned by BP. I shudder to think of what will happen if one of the BP pipelines breaks there–not a remote possibility now that we know how BP operates.


  6. It’s those bloody thoughts going round and round in my head. There is a surreal nature to what has happened to me over the last nine months. It’s been one of those situations where if it was written in a book people would think the plot too far fetched. The powers that be are insisting that they didn’t plan it. But if they didn’t the level of incompetence on their part is unbelievable.

    Also, I really thought, if you remember, that I would have, at least, a job to go to in the future at this point. It’s dawning on me that I am about to go passed the point of no return. Without being able to tell a prospective parish that I am in a post there is no chance of me being considered by anyone.

  7. Alas, you poor thing, not sleeping at all – agreed with Mimi, insomnia is awful. Completely sleepless nights are hell.

    If this is any comfort I’ve known plenty of people who got another job even though they had already stopped working, through redundancy, or worse.

  8. You don’t exist, then. I’m talking to myself. And I’m answering!

    Are you having fun though, Mimi?

  9. Don’t talk to Mimi. She doesn’t actually exist. And did you know Dah-veed’s real name is Jane Smith and she lives in Wallsend?

  10. Right, so every other person on this site is Mad Priest, except Mad Priest, who is actually Mimi, and Dah-veed, who is Jane Smith.

  11. Did you nap today, Jonathan? If not, it’s time to go to bed. And when the thoughts go round and round in your head, turn off the tape. Hit the off button. That’s professional advice that I pass on to you from my therapist from the year when my son was crazy, and Tom and I were half-crazy. The advice worked for me.

  12. From Wallsend. In fact, it’s called Wallsend because it’s the end of the wall we had to erect to keep illegal, Mexican, economic migrants from coming into Newcastle and taking all our jobs.

  13. Did you nap today, Jonathan? If not, it’s time to go to bed.

    It’s that voice in my head again. Damn this schizophrenia!

  14. it’s called Wallsend because it’s the end of the wall we had to erect to keep illegal, Mexican, economic migrants from coming into Newcastle

    isn’t this because they can’t get into Arizona. Newcastle being the next best option.

    I agree with your voice – you must have a constitution of iron to stay up this late, Mad Priest. Or should that be …. “Mimi”????

  15. Being the next best thing to Arizona is a bit worrying.

    I’m going to bed soon, but I expect I’ll listen to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” for an hour or so, which I’m working through at the moment. Brilliant book!

  16. It’s a very well told story with brilliantly described characters. The translation into English is absolute genius. The audio book I’m listening to is narrated by Saul Reichlin and he has just the right voice and who really brings the story to life.

  17. I’m going to have to read it one of these days. It’s very weird that the author died before having published a word and has gone on to have three such megahits and become so famous. I hope his partner thanks his photo every day for the royalties. I wonder why he wrote nothing earlier.

  18. Well, Mad Priest, either “they” have drawn you into their conspiracy too or the sleep fairy has sprinkled her magic dust on you. I hope the latter.

    wv – stskicas – a saint I’ve never heard of.