A huge big thank you to KJ for finding this image to which I have added an appropriate speech ballon.


REKERS’ WORLD — 8 Comments

  1. Good God in heaven. This is actually a REAL book. It’s on Amazon. Sheesh.

    What *is* the world coming to when you can’t recognize parody any more? I ask you sincerely; I really do!

  2. Bwa ha ha! Classic. Have to pass this along to some friends.

    On a very real note, it took my parents a long time and some tough conversations to understand that they did not make a mistake resulting in being queer.

  3. What is it with people who think that a man with a large tool in his hand is so butch? Surely it’s not the size of your tool but what you do with it and where you put it.

  4. Actually in light of its era (and flannel!), that picture could be of a butch lesbian and her daughter out “on the land”! (“Wymon ONLY: all others get the ax!” *LOL*)