From THE LOCAL (Germany):

A  fox with a footwear fetish, which reportedly pilfered between 200 and 250 shoes last year near the town of Föhren, has once again taken to plundering terraces, porches and garages.

The canny carnivore has taken a particular liking to 55-year-old Heidi Heinz’s shoes, this year stealing a pair of red garden shoes that it had already taken in 2009. She got her footwear back, along with seven others, when a forester discovered the fox’s hoard in the woods and fished the shoes out of the burrow tunnels.

But Heinz said she was merely annoyed at her own carelessness.

“I can only advise people not to leave their shoes outside,” she said.

Heinz has spotted the bushy-tailed thief on numerous occasions from her living room window.

“He is a handsome guy,” she said. “Or a pretty lady.”

But local nobleman, Count Rudolf von Kesselstatt, is certain the fox is female.

“No man would own 250 shoes,” he said.



  1. I visited my allotment one morning last year to find someone’s brown slipper sitting neatly on the potato patch. I came back the next day and the other slipper was there too, right next to it.

    They do have a weird thing for shoes, foxes.

  2. “He is a handsome guy,” she said. “Or a pretty lady.”

    A common observation in The Village. ;-/

    [We had a story like this, on this side of The Pond, not too long ago. Only in that case, it was the daily newspaper (disappearing from a town’s porches), that were going to line a fox den!]