For years we fight for the universal acceptance of the fact that all our various sexualities are, if they are not abusive, just normal. But when this begins to be taken on board, in some areas of our lives at least, we act as if it is some great and different thing worthy of special celebration.

This weekend, Diane Bruce Jardine and Mary Douglas Glasspool, will be consecrated bishops in the Episcopal Church in the US.


The consecration of bishops in the Anglican Communion (especially in the US where it sometimes seems like each member of the laity has their own bishop, there are so many of them) is a regular occurrence. It is, I would suggest, normal. Yet, the fuss that is being made about this event, the excitement among those who have campaigned so long and valiantly for the recognition of sexual difference as a mundane, benign reality, is sickening to those of us who link humility to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, whether or not it is crowing, it will be regarded as such by many of those who cannot live with, and therefore hate, difference. And triumphalism is another no-no as far as the Gospel is concerned.

Clergy having special "I'm a celebrity" services to mark moments in their career is an obscenity, and will remain so for as long as the church cleaner does not get a similar shindig when "she" starts a new contract. Those of us who hold to an "inclusive" interpretation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should not be perpetuating visible demonstrations of the elitism rampant in Anglicanism by supporting the pomp and ceremony that accompanies the getting of a higher salary in our church. Consecrations, ordinations, inductions and the like should be quiet, businesslike affairs, open only to those locally and specifically affected by the appointments. As people who call for a change to Kingdom values we should be using the normalisation of our sexualities within the church as an opportunity to normalise the equality of all people within the church.

MadPriest says: Boycott Diane and Mary's consecration before the two of them start believing the hype and start acting just like members of the boys club (for an example of how this happens see the career of Elizabeth Jefferts-Schori).

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