Mac UK are calling it "a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price."

Oh, I believe it alright. In Britain we are always being ripped off by big business.



  1. Oh, the haters were out in force yesterday at the Apple Discussions regarding this very topic. A group of us have already worked out the real differences.

    As Steve Jobs himself has pointed out in his short & to-the-point email replays over this past weekend, the UK prices by law include the 17.5 % VAT, whereas US prices do not include sales tax because the sales tax is different by each locale.

    (based on yesterday’s exchange rate dollar/pound)

    UK price w/o VAT
    16 GB wi-fi £365.11
    32 GB wi-fi £424.68
    64 GB wi-fi £509.79

    US price in UKP
    16 GB wi-fi £339.89
    32 GB wi-fi £408.01
    64 GB wi-fi £476.12

    Real difference in prices
    16 GB wi-fi £25.22
    32 GB wi-fi £16.85
    64 GB wi-fi £33.67

    I have them for the 3Gs as well if you like.

    I think that the more modest actual difference in pricing could well be the cost of a US company doing business in the UK.

  2. I thought Apple was a gay company, but my gaydar does get confused when the English are involved.

  3. I don’t think you are getting ripped by Apple. The EU is another matter. Apple is merely paying the taxes silly people think companies do not charge through. Every company does. You cannot tax a corporation — you can tax its customers.


  4. unfair trading practices and protectionism

    Yes, we refer to that as NAFTA! Which put so many folks here out of work that they had to go up to the US to find a job. So they took the jobs that the black folk did not want and now the white folk are persecuting them for it.

    But yes, Apple makes great products and I intend to get an iPad, perhaps after the first refresh when they have added a camera for video chats, etc. Plus when the iPhone OS 4 comes out for the iPad in the Fall it will even be able to do even more than it does now; multitasking, printing, etc.

  5. I find the I-Pad an interesting product albeit I won’t be buying one.
    I have been thinking about the future of all this stuff. I foresee the merger of smart phones, readers (Kindle Nook, etc.) and laptops into singular thin client devices. I own a reader, a lap top and a cell phone. Next time I buy anything I expect to own one device.

    By the buy, put your money on Google, their driod/chrome OS is way ahead of both Apple and MickeySoft on this path.


  6. their driod/chrome OS is way ahead of … Apple

    In your dreams my good fellow. iPhone OS 4 is to be introduced next month for the iPhone and the iTouch and the Fall for the iPad. And Google has backed way off on their Droid phones now that they are very aware of the number of Apple patents trampled by their manufacturer.