I think the Greenbelt Festival management team must get a bit worried about ticket sales at this time every year. Fortunately, they have their friends at Anglican Mainstream who are always willing to give them a helping hand with a few soundbites of predictable bigotry which are guaranteed to get every right thinking Christian in the UK picking up the plastic and reaching for the phone.

From The Church of England Newspaper:

Dr Lisa Nolland (has written) an open letter to the (Greenbelt) festival organisers complaining about “the further gayification of Greenbelt,” following the invitation of the gay rights campaigner, which she saw as compounding damage done by inviting the Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt Rev Gene Robinson, to speak last year.

Dr Nolland wrote: “We are very concerned and alarmed. We would like to meet with you because we believe this is damaging to both Christian witness and the health of the nation. “Both Gene Robinson and Peter Tatchell are bad news for the church and for Greenbelt. Greenbelt does much that is good and even excellent. Why spoil it with such as this? “In the light of the above, I would very much appreciate an explanation of your invitation to Peter Tatchell for 2010, given your invitation to Gene Robinson in 2009. “You will recall the specific concerns we raised about ensuring that equal airtime was given to orthodox Christian perspectives. On the face of it seems that our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.”

Dr Nolland (further stated that) not only did she decry the absence of a speaker who could present “the orthodox Biblical position on sexual ethics,” she also suspected that the liberal campaigners were denying the voice of less palatable sexualities who might taint their case. She said: “If Greenbelt actually wanted to have a really open honest discussion about all this, I’d have a far easier time with it. But instead – they talk about how they include and accept all and all are welcomed etc — that’s rubbish. There are all sorts of orientations out there who say ‘look, LGBT people are doing to us what straight people did to them for centuries’."

Once the campaigners are accepted, they will then start leading Christians further astray, Dr Nolland fears.

COMMENT: I am intrigued by all these "less palatable sexualities" that are obviously acceptable to Anglican Mainstream. Publicly, they have always been so "missionary" in their position on sexual diversity. My guess is that Dr. Nolland is referring to the wonderful world of BDSM. All that bondage and leather would fit in so well with their perverted, puritanical theology.



  1. Heck, I thought I had come across them all since I started this blog, Paul (and bear in mind I had a fertile imagination to begin with). I must say I really am intrigued. I hope she publishes a book on the subject – fully illustrated, of course.

  2. That’s the trouble with selling your soul – the one who pays the piper controls the music that’s played. The Greenbelt organisers should have strived to become fully independant, then they could invite whomsoever they wished without having to justify their choice to anyone.

  3. “Gene and Peter – we hates them. They spoils it!”

    I wonder if RentBoys are used to help host the event?

  4. Surely all she means is that the liberal campaigners aren’t inviting people who slide down the slippery slope from homosexuality to marrying animals they’ve had sex with in public to speak at Greenbelt. Because liberal campaigners are really oppressive fascists only pretending to be nice.

  5. I expect the bands use them as roadies, KJ. Evidently they are very good at carrying boxes and gear around – that sort of thing.

  6. Actually, the few openly honest Rentboys that I have ever met, are such divas, that their “gentleman” employer would need to hire porters just to carry the rentboy’s luggage! They do not carry anything for anyone, not even themselves.

    OK, they would carry one small shoulder bag to transport their miniature lapdog.