Monsignor Dadeus Grings, the archbishop of the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, told a Brazilian bishops' annual conference he believed paedophilia was on its way to becoming as accepted as homosexuality in society at large.

"Society today is paedophile, that is the problem. So people easily fall into it. The fact it is being denounced is a positive sign," he told the gathering on Tuesday.

Archbishop Grings, a 73-year-old priest with conservative views, said the gradual acceptance of homosexuality by the public was a precursor to a possible broad acceptance of paedophilia.

"When sexuality is banalised it is clear that that can have an effect on all cases. Homosexuality is one case. Before, no one spoke of the homosexual. He was discriminated against," he said.

"When we start to say that they [homosexuals] have rights, rights to publicly demonstrate, in a short time paedophilia will also have rights."

Archbishop Grings stressed that he condemned the sexual abuse alleged to have been perpetrated by priests against children, saying they were crimes that must be punished.

But he also said the church had difficulty in denouncing such cases.

"For the church to accuse its own, that is a little strange," he said.

COMMENT: A little strange?

Thank God God didn't make me Roman Catholic. It's bad enough having to put up with the weird logic that informs the Grand Tufti's actions against his fellow Christians. But compared to the logic employed by some of these Roman Catholic big wigs he makes more sense than Mr Spock, Captain.



  1. Human sexuality takes a wide range and form and we all understand that its basically whatever takes your fancy, providing people are consenting.

    Now on the issue of consent, we have such a thing as an age of consent. Sexuality, in its more adult forms (and most emphatically when it involves an adult) belongs to those who are of age. And to be fair, the age of consent is pretty generous, usually 16 years of age in Western society.

    So my point for the Monsignor is this. Homosoexuality is one of the forms of human sexuality practiced between people of a consenting age.

    Paedophilia on the other hand is a crime. It is not based on any sexual orientation. It is a violation of the socially agreed upon age of consent.

    Is there something I don’t get?

  2. pic very funny and if you must be a little teapot, Dadeus Grings is a good name to have. He sounds like one of the more eccentric evil wizards out of Harry Potter. And looks like one too.

  3. No, Boaz, there’s something he chooses not to get.

    wv: trings – the sound made when the penny drops for this intentionally self-delusional person

  4. I don’t know if he’s “short and stout,” but there’s no wondering what comes out of his spout.

    A little strange? Boy, I’ll say!

  5. MP

    You’ve been directing my posts to site that defines homophobia. Not sporting of you.

    And it reinforces the coverup. Four out of five young people being molested by priests are postpubescent males.

  6. MP: “Thank God God didn’t make me Roman Catholic.”

    Don’t people mostly get roped into Roman Catholicism? I don’t think that is something you can really blame on God.

    In any event, since you have moderated “Anonymous” into the comments, just let me point out that just because Bill Donohue is unaware of the word “ephebophilia” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem.

  7. You be nice to the anal troll, Paul. Remember one of his favourite sources has run off with a male prostitute. He must be feeling a bit let down (insomuch as George didn’t ask him first).

  8. “Four out of five young people being molested by priests are postpubescent males.”

    Umm…exactly how does Anonymous know that?