Zambia Anglican Council presiding Bishop Robert Mumbi says homosexuality is against African traditional way of life and Christian values. He said it was the Christian and traditional values that defined Zambia and set it apart from other countries and a lot of work needed to be done in the wake of strong gay rights campaigns and unchristian activities.

He said there should be political awareness, especially to do with certain human rights charters that the Government endorsed, saying some of them actually perpetuated some people championing homosexual activities. The Church would not compromise on Christian values and it would challenge wrongdoing regardless of whether people were championing human rights or not.

Bishop Mumbi said it was unfortunate that some people were championing gay activities but expressed confidence that no one would openly support homosexual activities.


MUMBI JUMBI — 1 Comment

  1. “…expressed confidence that no one would openly support homosexual activities.”

    So, they admit they have no sense of shame.