There's a topical bent to this caption competition as the photograph was taken today outside a polling station in Hyde Park, London. The exit polls are saying that there will be a hung parliament with the Tories having the most seats. I'm all for a hung parliament. Hang the lot of 'em! That's what I say.



  1. If they actually count the nun’s votes, Benedict is now looking for other employment. If he’s willing to swim a river, there may be a position open somewhere in the Global South.

  2. I don’t expect you to let this go up. But do you know why you always see two nuns together?

    One nun watches the other nun to make sure she don’t get none.

    My bad

  3. “I’m all for a hung parliament. Hang the lot of ’em! That’s what I say.”

    Is there room on the gallows for the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives?