This will please the Forward in Faith lot. At last, conclusive proof that if women insist on becoming priests, God is gonna punish them.

From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

Too little sleep may be linked to the development of a large belly and broad waist, a study of women in Sweden has found. Short periods of deep sleep and dream sleep are also contribute to an increased risk of obesity, according to the study carried out at Uppsala University.

The study compared women who get at least eight hours sleep a night with those who sleep less. Some 400 women participated in a night-long sleep test, while also undergoing a health examination and agreeing to have the circumference of their waists measured. The study registered the duration of sleep and the length of various stages of sleep. The waist circumference of women who slept less the five hours a night was found to be nine centimetres longer on average than for their counterparts who slept eight hours a night.

Theorell-Haglöw said there were a number of possible explanations for the connection between obesity and sleep.

"Short sleep duration, short dream sleep and short deep sleep disturb the production of cortisol and growth hormones in a way that can contribute to driving body weight upwards. Sleeping less also means more waking time when it's possible to eat," she said.



  1. “At last, conclusive proof that if women insist on becoming priests, God is gonna punish them.”

    No, She’s not, and Dawn’s glamour shot is living proof.

  2. I love her, who is she? Such lushisity! (I better shut up before the ex-gay promoters throw a net over me and haul me off to learn how to spit in public)!

    YIKES, she´s beautiful…no pain, no gain!

  3. I do not see the problem. If clergy want to sleep more all they have to do is schedule lay sermons.


  4. No, Jim. The thought of ordinary people saying exactly what they like in our pulpits would definitely keep most ordained ministers awake all night.

  5. On this side of the pond, lay sermons happen a bit. For one thing, it is common to have the wardens preach during pledge campaigns. Anything to bring in the bucks without being the one asking for it.