The sheer unintelligence of trolls never fails to amaze me.

You don't get to read their comments because I intercept them. But even after all these months of comment moderation the same trolls keep sending in the same comments over and over again.

There's one troll who keeps commenting that religion makes no sense (that's all he writes). He is wasting goodness knows how much time and how much emotional energy sending this statement to OCICBW... and goodness knows how many other blogs, knowing full well that they will never be published and that there is as much chance of him getting me to embrace his bitterness as I have of getting him to embrace Christianity by sending him an email with just the words, "Jesus is Lord," typed on it.

So, basically, he is doing something that makes no sense whatsoever because he thinks religion is a bad thing because it makes no sense whatsoever.

Go figure! One thing is for certain, Mr Troll obviously isn't going to.



  1. He leaves me alone for a few months then comes back. I don’t mind his deriding religion but he usually injects comments that would be hurtful to people I love. He is thus permanently banished from commenting at my site.

    He also mocks me for being predictable. Well, I usually am. As if he weren’t.

    Were it not for him and the Chinese porn spammers, I might cease moderating comments.

  2. I have one who sends me the same long essay about anal sex regardless of what I post. But then I get so few comments (or readers for that matter) that I find it hard to object even as I kill his posts.


  3. Ah, yes. That’s our old friend the Anal Troll. Behind his psychosis he’s not that bad a chap. Sometimes he even tries to behave. But he is poorly and you are right to delete his comments because otherwise you would be reinforcing his delusions and OCD.

  4. Methinks I know to whom you refer, and he’s visited me and I shoot his comments down.

    He’s just ONE who really needs to go shopping at Wal-Mart and buy himself a life.

  5. Isn’t doing the same thing again and again and again expecting different results the very definition of insanity?

    I think I know who you are talking about. He’s permanently banned from my blog as well. He wore out his welcome and burned his bridges.

    He’s a sad misanthropic obsessive. I think our anti-clerical antagonists deserve a better spokesman. Let’s quit treating him like their spokesman.

  6. As an American I enjoy following Thinking Anglicans’ links to articles in the Times, the Guardian, etc. about C of E and other Anglican news and opinions. I enjoy then reading all the “comments” from readers who write in to say that all this religious stuff is pure poppycock. (Not quite down to the level of spam.) My question to them is: if this is all poppycock, then why are you reading it — much less taking the time and effort to write a letter to the editor about it? Just move on to the sports page!

    WV: “stabism” — oh, that’s good!

  7. Sad Brad?

    (And to think that *I* need anti-depressants!)

    Do people of his ilk (and I include the COUNTLESS anti-religion “He’s Just an Imaginary Sky Pixie!” types who haunt The Guardian religion threads) waste as much time of Popoid and ConEv bloggers, as they do Anglican/Episcopalian bloggers?

  8. Yes, he’s been making very unkind and unpleasant comments at one of my blogs just lately. I threatened to enable comment moderation and he hasn’t made a comment since. Let’s hope that does the trick for a while.

    One of my regular readers suggested that he needed to see a mental health professional. (Ha! She is one herself.)

  9. Ellie,

    Yes he does need a mental health professional.
    Check the comment threads on your old posts that are no longer visible. He usually posts his worst stuff there, really offensive comments about your guests that you really don’t want them to discover and read.
    He’s the whole reason I have comment moderation on my blog. He still visits and tries to post regularly, speaking of the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s an obsessive who speaks for no one but himself.

    I second JCF’s and WSJM’s comments about the “flying-spaghetti-monster-in-the-sky” missionary atheists who spend a lot of time and energy reading and commenting on religious news sites; more so than most religious people.

  10. Whenever I think about leaving off comment moderation, I remember the visits to the archived sites, where troll comments hatefully and I leave moderation on. What a waste of a life.

  11. RE: Counterlight @ 12.44

    Yes, and they do it to Christian videos on YouTube all the time. People over there also can’t figure out why the atheists bother even watching Christian videos.

    There must be SOMETHING really attractive about all this, that keeps them coming back.

  12. FYI–if you use Blogger and you don’t want to go to full comment moderation, you can change your settings to do comment moderation only on older posts. You can determine what constitutes “older”–I think the default is “posts older than 14 days.”



  13. “There must be SOMETHING really attractive about all this, that keeps them coming back.”

    Maybe they’re like the puritanical types who protest at certain movies and art shows. They’re shocked, horrified, astonished, offended, and really turned on.

  14. Sad Brad always tries to post on my blog as Brad Evans, as “Brian,” and as Anonymous. Since he has such clear fixations, it’s not hard to spot him in the disguise.