In an uncharacteristic act of gross stupidity you decide to read the Bible and discover that, along with pretty much everybody else in the developed world, you are surely destined to go to hell in a hand basket when you die. So you decide to become a monk (or a nun if you are that way inclined) and to live a life of poverty.

You discover an order that is a bit different to the others. For a start they don't care about the chastity and obedience rules and in respect of poverty, although they are strict, they do allow their members to keep just one luxury item.

This Stay At Home Meme is simple. What luxury item (that you must already possess) would you keep. My choice would be my iPod.

There are no rules for this game but if you break them I will come down on you like a ton of bricks.



  1. As far as an inanimate object is concerned I would keep my Mac laptop. Otherwise, how would I access OCICBW? And who could live without MadPriest and his blog?

  2. [I swear, that nun in the pic looks like one of those peeps in that S2 Dr Who ep, where people’s faces got sucked into their TV sets!]

    I agree, MP—dogs are necessity—but no less are computers (at least as long as it’s a cheap desktop PC like mine).

    My Selmer Mark VI alto sax (given a key&pad overhaul, and lifetime supply of reeds)—which, in my order genderqueer nunks, I would also hope to have time/motivation to PLAY again.

  3. Probably my laptop computer or an upgrade of the one I now have.

    JCF, Just last year I finally gave up my Selmer Mark VI when I came to the realization that after 40 years in the case I was not seriously going to play it again and I discovered by what obscene amount that baby (in absolutely mint condition) had appreciated during that time period. It is now doing studio work in the hands of a really good musician instead of having its light hid under a bushel.

  4. (and my pet parrots – which I would also hide inside the piano. Along with the vodka and my glam dress and heels, and the chocolate. And the dvd player. And possibly some good white wine.)

    wv – norompa!… that’s just where you’re wrong, baby

  5. My books… would there be room for them? There’s over 2000. seriously, but I do need to weed them out… someday…

    probably my computer & ipod, too…

    and I wouldn’t leave my cat… no way, no how. He keeps me on the better side of sanity.

    I’ve got too many listed, MP, but …

  6. My flute . . . Oh, wait, I think that’s a body part. Or . . . maybe I’ve just played it so long it feels like a body part.

  7. how many cases of Champagne can I count as one item? What if they were all in one shipping container? Would that count?

    And the dogs are assumed. They aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity in my life.