From THE VANGUARD (Nigeria):

Akinola’s tenure also coincided with the period of intense political and economic distress to which the country was exposed. This trend tasked the patience and integrity of prominent Nigerian Christian leaders because of the role they are expected to play in nation-building. I must say that Akinola played his role well in this regard. He also played an excellent role in shielding the Anglican Church in Nigeria from the satanic injury of sodommy which the Whites inflicted on the body of Christ with impunity.

Today, Gene Robinson, the openly gay American bishop whose consecration in 2003 plunged The Anglican Church into crisis, is living with Mark Andrew, a fellow man with whom he “wedded” in a New Hampshire church. According to The Economist magazine, the ceremony was said to be “absolutely joyful”. The Anglican Church in Africa, under Akinlola’s leadership, dissociated itself from this handiwork of Satan.

COMMENT: Are you absolutely certain I can't use the "n" word - not even ironically?



  1. “He also played an excellent role in shielding the Anglican Church in Nigeria from the satanic injury of sodommy…”

    But apparently not from the satanic injury of misspelling.

    (It’s time to get over this, people. Let them go. They are where we were a couple of generations ago. A couple of generations from now, maybe less, they will be back. We should welcome them with a grin and a hug but not too much public fuss.)

  2. Probably not though it depends on which ‘n’ word. The s word, sanctimonious, is ok.

    So I wonder who internationally will show up for the double ordination in LA?

  3. yes, I am absolutely sure that you shouldn’t use the “n” word, MP.

    You can use the “o” word – obsessed. Akinola and his like think more about teh gay sex than the actual gays involved, who are thinking about paying the bills.

  4. This is a requested, paid for and delivered editorial of a real live, damn everything, suck-em-up sellout and common bigot. Akinolas ¨perching on the throne¨ was a desecretion to Anglican decency and to tolerance/respect for other Christians everywhere…another sick reflection of his slimy stewardship comes to mind…the massacre of Yelwa.

  5. No.

    But look— jolly yourself w/ this priceless typo: The Anglican Church in Africa, under Akinlola’s leadership

    La-la-ak-in-lo-la! La-la-ak-in-lo-la-a! ;-D

    Akinlola is a “so(-)dommy”!

    wv, “reaken” . . . which he surely does!

  6. Unfortunately, the idea that gay folk didn’t exist in Africa until white colonialism is a very common myth (and one that has been debunked by various African and Africanist scholars).

  7. Someone recently defined the “n” word as “need.” We don’t need Akinola and his ilk.