A group of Church of England bishops met last week with advisers of Pope Benedict XVI to set in motion steps that would allow priests to convert to Catholicism en masse. (Their move towards full apostasy) comes only weeks ahead of a crucial General Synod debate on making women bishops.

The Rt Rev John Broadhurst, the Rt Rev Keith Newton and the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham, the bishops of Fulham, Richborough and Ebbsfleet respectively, are understood to have informed senior Catholic officials that Church of England clergy are keen to defect to Rome.

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, was unaware of the summit.

A leading Anglican cleric said: "This will seriously embarrass the Pope. It's a plot within the Vatican that they are desperate to keep quiet until they are ready to go public. Many will see this as proof that the Catholic Church is intent on poaching clergy from the Church of England despite its reassurances to the contrary."

COMMENT: So, will this mean that there will be no more flying bishops in England? Sounds good to me. In fact, I'm considering putting up a donation button to raise the cash for their plane tickets. Heck, I think we could even run to business class if they absolutely promise not to come back.



  1. We have an old country & western song: thank god and greyhound that she’s gone. For some reason I hear it.

  2. Some Bishops flew over to Rome
    They were seeking a lovely new home
    But they soon were surprised
    To learn they’d not been baptised
    The, But-I-Thought-I-Was-Special syndrome.

  3. I am honoured to head up a community of such selfless and generous people. Always there to give you a helping hand – especially if you are standing on top of a cliff or tall building.

  4. In The Episcopal Church I consider myself something of an Anglo-Catholic, which means that in England I would probably be a fairly bog-standard Anglican. I do not wish ill to these folks who are allergic to girl cooties and to any other gay cooties but their own. But I do wish them bon voyage.

    WV: “triniumb”! Make of that what you will!

  5. I have nothing further to add, except that now my WV is “ableonym.” Can any of you English grammarians tell me what an ableonym is?

  6. Not only do we not wish them ill but I think Bishop Herzog’s recent restoration proves conclusively that our claims of graciousness towards the prodigal, inclusiveness and refusal to bear a grudge are not just idle words. We are a people who try our hardest to live the Gospel even when it is not in our immediate interests to do so. This means we lose a lot of battles in the short term but our victory is as certain as the Kingdom of God.

  7. Regarding Bp Herzog’s restoration: That’s right. Presiding Bishop Katharine has been saying to them all from the get-go that the porch light is always left on for them.

  8. True, Ellie. But that could come with crowing or graciousness. I’m not her biggest fan but she scores big with me for plumping for the gracious choice.

  9. Oh, but David Virtue’s friends, the Fckwds* @ Standfirm, are convinced that she only did this because she gains something by it. But they are not sure exactly what.

    Both +Kate and +Gene have given them something to carry on about. Otherwise it would have been a slow week.

    *SMS is a lot like ancient Hebrew, but you can usually tell what it says even without the vowels.

  10. Ya know, I think those old gents who r running things in the Vatican now r just “too much”! When my daughters and I were received into the RCC (1979)we did not have to be re-baptized. We received lighted candles and made promises re: our intentions. In fact I was told that “there is no such thing as re-baptism”
    Last month we were invited to the re-baptism (at the Easter Vigil) of a little girl who is a family member. She had already been baptised in the Episcopal church. When did re-baptism arrive on the scene?
    Yesterday I read online that some RC traditionalists are hoping that liberals and progressive people will leave the RC church, leaving conservatives who will not use birth control and thereby have large failies who will replace the folks who have left. It gets more bizarre by the day!

  11. Oh, but David Virtue’s friends, the Fckwds* @ Standfirm, are convinced that she only did this because she gains something by it.

    Well, she does – eternal life.

  12. I commented on the attitude among the holier-than-god responses on my blog too. What amazing anger and hate!


  13. How can you miss them if they just won’t go?


    MP, with this mass swim meet @ the Tiber, there should be a lot of new openings posted, right?

    From your typing fingers to God’s Eyeballs, Dahveed.