And the lights all came back on in Massachusetts

From THE REPUBLICAN (Massachusetts):

Sixth-grade teacher Thomas M. Weiner has collected more than two decades of T-shirts from the annual Pride March (in Northampton). He remembers when gays and lesbians marched with paper bags over their heads, concealing themselves from scorn and derision. However, as marchers mustered at Bridge Street School on Saturday there was nary a paper bag in sight and hundreds gathered to proceed down Main Street.

Weiner was leading a contingent of 12-year-olds, his students at Smith College Campus Center. In past years, he accompanied three or a half-dozen, but this year 14 of his 20-member class turned out.

A fair amount of the contingencies in the parade Saturday did not necessarily have a direct gay lifestyle link but their message was inclusive.

A handful of church groups... joined the procession including St. John’s Episcopal Church in Northampton. That contingent carried the gay pride, Episcopal and American flags with their banner.

“We take a vow to protector the dignity of all human beings,” said Rector Catherine Munz.

The Rev. Catherine "Cat" Munz lives in Easthampton with her husband Bill along with her two dogs and two cats. She certainly looks and sounds like our type of gal.


And the lights all came back on in Massachusetts — 8 Comments

  1. Go see Boston when you get a chance, Boaz. It’s a truly wonderful city.

    And, yes, Mother Cat. We do take that vow as part of the baptismal covenant. I wonder what some people think that means when they renew it every Holy Saturday and every Sunday morning baptism.

  2. How wonderful to see my church mentioned on one of my favorite blogs! We hope you will visit us someday, MadPriest (and all you other readers). Cat and St. John’s will not disappoint.

    I just put up more Northampton Pride photos on my blog at We had a splendid turnout.

  3. Cat was a classmate of mine at seminary and I am thrilled she is at Saint John’s, Noho, where my college alma mater is located.

  4. Hi Folks,

    I have never posted on a blog before! Another first in my life.
    Thanks for your kind comments, and to Jendi for sending me the link.

    The quote wasn’t exactly what I said, but the poor woman was writing on the edge of a binder.
    I was referencing the the Baptismal Covenant from the BCP.

    St. John’s is an awesome chuch filled with people who work at bringing the Good News to the world. Over our lintel it says “Given to Hospitality.” It’s the only mission statement we need.


  5. Welcome, Cat.

    It is a great honour for all of us here at OCICBW… that you chose our humble little blog at which to pop your blogging cherry, so to speak.

    You are always welcome here and if you ever wish to say something to the world without the hassle of setting up your own blog just email it through to MadPriest (see profile) and we will publish it for you. We have a public access blog (this one) and a members only blog – just let me know on which one you want your work published.