Just when I thought he couldn't come up with anything more absurd than to compare sewage treatment plants to civil rights, along comes Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor with another truly out there, and highly offensive, statement about the gay community.

This time, the renegade who may or may not actually live in his district, launched into a comparison of the scandal rocking the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy with the hiding and transferring of pedophile priests to an LGBT community who are of many faiths... including none... who just want to be able to work and live in this county without fear that their sexual orientation or gender identity will be used against them.

Proctor started his political vomit by asking why religious institutions would be exempted from the anti-discrimination provisions in the Human Rights Ordinance. He reasoned that they shouldn't be... and then pulled out the New York Times... and cited the child sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church "because of homosexuals." He kept repeating this line over and over. His intent? To be mean. To be evil. To be Bill Proctor.

Taken from "Bill Proctor: A Study in Stupid,"
posted by Susan at WAKE UP AND LIVE

Mind you, it is obvious to me why Mr Proctor can come out with such uninformed, unscientific, unverified twaddle. It's because he is a black man and black people are no where near as intelligent as white people (there has been at least one unsubstantiated, scientific report stating that). Why we gave them the vote, let alone let them stand for public office, is beyond me. And what's wrong with apartheid anyway? If it works so well when used against gay people and Mexicans, why not carry on using it to keep dem ******s down.



  1. It has been said elsewhere that “It’s better to be black than to be gay, because then you don’t have to worry about how to tell your mother.”