Ukraine parliamentarians today staged one of the most memorable brawls of recent times, involving eggs, fists, smoke bombs and an umbrella used as a shield.

Ukraine's parliament erupted when parliamentarians were asked to vote on a controversial law allowing Russia to continue to use a naval base in Crimea. Opposition MPs oppose the move by Ukraine's new pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, describing it as a betrayal.


HEATED DEBATE — 10 Comments

  1. Instinct-driven, lacking in executive function. These people seem to be everywhere. Perhaps a “difficult birth” results in some parts of the brain being disconnected, so the basal ganglia are not able to be directed by the cognitive brain.
    Look up “perinatal asphyxia.”

  2. Look, I agree with the Ukrainians. I think these navel things are ugly but if the Russians want to keep using navel bases, navel rings, (or even navel bloody safety pins!) it’s up to them.

  3. I don’t see how you can accuse these parliamentarians of being lacking in executive function when they’ve had the forethought to bring eggs and smoke bombs to work on the off chance that there might be a vote on an issue they take exception to. It strikes me as particularly well organised.

  4. I agree, Cathy. In fact, we should just send them off to Afghanistan. Their battle strategy is obviously considerably more informed than ours. And a campaign of shock and awe with eggs (free range, of course) might just confuse the Taliban enough to allow our lads to nip round the back and finish them off.

  5. Totally agreed, MadPriest, and shall we make the eggs organic too, and medium-sized, just to be super-nice to our hens, who are putting so much into the war effort.

    Let’s hope the Taliban don’t retaliate with cans of spam, though. That would confuse the British army completely.

  6. Our local TV news showed this clip. I missed the lead-in, and immediately thought it was the House of Commons. And then when it got really good I realized that it might be the Ontario Provincial House of Commons. I knew it couldn’t be the US House of Representatives — far too many people present in the chamber.