1. What happened to doing your good works outside of the glare of publicity? Ultimately Paddy isn’t doing this to help the church, it’s just part of his advertising budget and will be tax deductable!

  2. Brian, never argue with cash flow! I think it could be a bit much if we were seeing vestments that said, “Benny 16 brought to you by the 13th century” or some such.


  3. There’s the answer to all our church money woes – corporate sponsorship!

    When I was in seminary, Beloved and I went through TEC’s listing of all the TEC churches in the U.S., checking out how many TEC churches were in towns or cities with road race tracks – not NASCAR, puleeeeze. I mean real auto racing, on a closed, road course, like Silverstone in the UK.

    Our plan was after ordination to get a post in a church in a town with a road course – Limerock Connecticut for instance – and become the chaplain to the track. I’d get corporate sponsorship and put their logos on my vestments – MOPAR on the ends of my tipit, Valvoline on the back of my chasuble, etc. I think it’s a GREAT idea!

    The fuel oil in this church brought to you courtesy of Jake’s Garage for Classic Cars.

    Seriously. I mean it. Really I do!

  4. Why not?! (heh heh heh)

    On the other hand, how is it any different from one church I attended regularly, won’t say where, whose Sunday bulletin included paid-for adverts?

    Of course, sponsorship vestments would make sense at the race track. Sponsorship vestments would be playfully accepted there. (sigh – do you know how hard it is to encourage people to read the gospels with an ear to where Jesus might be laughing?)