My good buddy, and long time OCICBW... stalwart, David G, has recommended to us a brilliant attack on the Tea Party posted at EPHPHATHA POETRY. It's entitled, "Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black," which should give you some idea of where its author, Tim Wise, is coming from. Kudos to him and kudos to David for finding it for us.



  1. Two things about the Tea Party folk.
    First of all they are being organized and toted about by Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works, two organizations whose aim is to promote the agenda of private wealth (family businesses, private hedge funds, eleemosynary front groups, etc.) partly as a consequence of the realization that the private corporation is vulnerable to challenge by stockholders and people who read their public relations efforts.

    Secondly, the objective of the Tea Parties is to make a lot of noise and distract. They are in the grand tradition of the people who were brought in to “object” to the counting of the votes in Florida in 2000. The goal of their organizers is to disrupt. You can tell that the participants being bused in aren’t real grass-roots from the fact that they leave their manufactured signs behind when they depart. For some, just riding a bus is probably a novel experience –doing something that they saw other people doing on TV.

    Groupies tend to be imitative.

  2. brilliant piece. and it speaks to the hypocritical bastardness of the far right in America, and the undying residual racism here. the right continues to embarrass themselves in pandering to the racist underclass, and when called on it, they simply go silent, or, of course, call the left traitors and – God forbid – LIBERALS. thanks for this, MP, I’ll share it

  3. Thanks Craig. And thanks for the phrase “hypocritical bastardness” which has already entered my own vocabulary and is just waiting for the first inappropriate moment that I can use it.