Thanks to OCICBW...'s resident big,
soppy lump, KJ from Seattle, for sending
this cutefest into MadPriest Towers.


BLOG-A-DOG (2) — 12 Comments

  1. These hounds obviously have a sense of up and down, perhaps even gravity, because they understand that they have to go back up the slope in order to do it again.

    I wonder if wolves do this?

    Polar bear moms have been videoed doing this same thing when they first emerge from their dens after their long winter’s nap.

  2. On hikes, my first German Shepherd would diligently seek out the first bit of snow pack on a slope and go sliding, but he had a much more elegant, spread-eagle method as compared to these goofy bird dogs.

    Mingly indeed!

  3. Silly hoomons, w/ their skis, and sleds and snowboards: snow is for body-surfing!

    Labradors: (also Frozen) Water Dogs.

  4. snow is for body-surfing!

    If canine body-surfing is not a full event at the next Winter Olympics I shall refuse to pay my television licence.

  5. Crows and ravens play in the snow like this. Ravens have been spotted taking turns sliding down rooves covered with snow, then going up to do it again. They also roll over and over down snowy slopes, seemingly for a laugh.

  6. Be careful, Craig. Dogs have a lot more bodily hair than the average human. I don’t want you getting frostbite in embarrassing places because of something you’ve seen on my blog.

  7. As the Mad One suggests, David, I always thought that Strider would experience more pain than anything else, but it was a hoot to watch him. He was very task oriented; It had to be done.