From ANGLICAN INFORMATION (Province of Central Africa):

A new circular letter dated 20th May the Diocesan Secretary of the Diocese of Lake Malawi has announced a change in date for the consecration of the Venerable Francis Kaulanda as the next Bishop of Lake Malawi. The consecration and enthronement, originally scheduled to take place on Sunday 2nd May at All Saints’ Cathedral, Nkhota-kota, has now been postponed to Sunday 9th May.

This change the letter says, ‘was done by the Province in order to accommodate as many Provincial Bishops as possible’. The real reason is related to the absence of the acting Dean of the Province and other bishops who have jetted off to an all expenses paid conference in Singapore hosted by the Global South Anglican South to South Encounter.

Albert Chama, who is now in Singapore, is accompanied by Bishops William Mchama of Eastern Zambia and Godfrey Tawonzi of Masvingo, Zimbabwe, also with travelling them is the Rev’d Christopher Mwawa of Malawi. The cost of first class flights and accommodation for the four of them amounts to the value of approximately a whole year’s pay for all the currently unpaid priests in Zimbabwe and Lake Malawi! Pictures of the bishops in all their glory fronting the magnificent St Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore are available on our blogsites.

It is not clear where the monies have come from to support this venture but they are assumed to be from conservative and schismatic North American Anglicans? These are currently pursuing a fissiparous agenda in their battle against the American Episcopal Church and a disruptive and schismatic programme in the Anglican Communion.

Neither is it clear where Albert Chama’s authority to attend on behalf of the Central African Province has come from? By agreeing to attend the Conference in Singapore Albert Chama has allowed the Province to be counted as supportive of the schismatic movement. This has happened with neither Provincial synodical approval nor support from the other bishops.

Understandably, voices of dismay and anger are now being raised against the acting Dean for the profligate waste of money that could have been so much better spent.

Ironically, the new letter from the Diocesan Secretary of Lake Malawi once again asks donors for desperately needed money for the Diocese and gives banking details for transfers. Thanks to acting Dean Chama’s unwise junketing trip in South East Asia support and donations, which come largely from the U.K. and the U.S.A. and from the very churches which the Global South Conference has been called to condemn, are likely to be in short supply.

The hard-working clergy of Zimbabwe and Lake Malawi will need to go on scratching a living from their smallholdings in order to survive.

COMMENT: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves."



  1. Glad you’ve published this. I’m on the Anglican Information mailing list and was shocked to learn that Bishop Albert Chama has trotted off to the Global South.

    Even in the bad old days of former Archbishop Bernard Malango who used to go around with Peter Akinola castigating the American Episcopal Church, he was never able to deliver what is a fairly liberal and pro Canterbury Province into the hands of the conservative faction.

    Now, however, Chama has done it -it must have cost ACNA a fortune – but as the old saying goes ‘the goods go to the highest bidder’.

  2. It is not clear where the monies have come from to support this venture but they are assumed to be from conservative and schismatic North American Anglicans?

    What that lot are up to gets increasingly perturbing, particularly because they are clearly making inroads.

  3. Sadly ANCA et al are running rings around Canterbury and apart from a few blogsites like this one nobody’s doing anything much to stop them.

    I believe that some substantive work has been done on the funding that the conservatives are using. See for example: Jim Naughton’s ‘Following the Money’

  4. Well, I suppose it could be worse. These princes of the Church are traveling first class on the American nickel instead of mercilessly taxing their peasants.

  5. “KJ I just hope you are being cynical/ironic?!”

    Irony is in my blood — I hope to stay free of cynicism, though the church’s absence in places where it belongs makes that increasingly challenging.