Geelong police shut down a bloody re-enactment of Jesus on the cross in Malop St on Saturday afternoon deeming it too offensive for public viewing. Members of the Heaven on Earth church in Norlane staged the life-like performance outside Market Square Shopping Centre at 1pm.

It featured two women mourners in black and a semi-naked ``Jesus'' covered in fake blood ``crucified'' on a large wooden cross.

``We were pretty disappointed the police did it the way they did it. They didn't talk to us first, they just came and yanked the cord out of our amp and said we had to stop,'' Pastor Sarah Kenneally said.

Hamlyn Heights mother Louise Bridges slammed the performance, calling it an ``absolutely disgusting stunt''. She said she was ``fuming'' at the public display and said it would ``scare children away from religion''.

She said her son was very disturbed and wasn't able to differentiate between real and fake blood.

``It was in your face. Coming out of either shopping centre you just couldn't avoid it, I was horrified,'' she said. ``My son was worried they were really hurting (Jesus) because he was covered in blood and moaning and calling out ``why, why''.

COMMENT: I don't know. Australians aren't what they used to be. And that Mrs Bridges' kid is going to grow up to be a poofter is she lets him get away with being such a nancy boy every time he sees someone being crucified in the streets.



  1. Australians aren’t what they used to be

    This does raise the question of what they used to be.

    wv – outch – probably what I would say if I saw an actor getting crucified in the street

  2. outch – probably what I would say if I saw an actor getting crucified in the street

    Of course, if it was a journalist…

  3. If it was a journalist I’d say “outch” even louder, particularly if it was me. As to what you would say in that situation, I shudder to think.

  4. Ms. Bridge’s son is more likely to become a literal-minded fan of bloody sporting events than a poofy patron of the arts.

  5. This is what you can expect from folks who live in a sanitized world. First world wussies who have no idea from where tonight’s pork chops or t-bone steaks actually came. They want Easter and Jesus in a neat little package with celowrap and a little sanipad hidden beneath to blot up any blood.

  6. Actually Dah-veed, what they want is symbolised by Alice and the White Rabbit behind the cross. they want the fairy-tale Jesus rather than the Gospel one.

  7. Is Australia first world?

    Now then, now then, now then.

    Steady on. Be nice.

    Saintly Ramblings – awwwW! wot’s yer problem with Alice and the Rabbit??

  8. Dah-veed – I agree. I’ve always thought that if people who wanted to eat meat had to kill the critter concerned to get it they would take a different attitude to it.

  9. yes, I’ve reflected on it at a really deep level, MP, and I feel so much more thoughtful and emotionally mature about the killing of threads now. Thank you for asking.

  10. Really, I think everyone who wants to leave comments on OCICBW and elsewhere on the blogosphere should be forced at some point to kill their own thread – just so they know what it is like. It is typical Western hypocrisy that no one admits that commenting leads eventually to the inevitable death of the thread. No one mentions it and everyone just rushes on gaily to the next topic, thinking only of themselves and their own needs, but the sad, painful truth is that it happens every time. This ought to be brought out into the open and discussed, not kept hidden away.

    At least MP’s threads have a nice life and are allowed to meander around freely for a decent interval before they get given the bullet. He treats them nicely, not like some.