Archbishop Jose Gomez was named Tuesday to succeed the archbishop of Los Angeles, the Holy See's most significant acknowledgment to date of the growing importance of Latinos in the American church. The appointment is also evidence that Pope Benedict XVI wants a strong defender of orthodoxy leading the largest diocese in the nation: Gomez, 58, is an archbishop of Opus Dei, the conservative movement favored by the Vatican.



  1. Hispanics comprise 70 percent of the 5 million Catholics in the Los Angeles archdiocese, and more than one-third of the 65 million Catholics in the United States.

    The RCC is losing a good many Hispanics to the pentecostal churches, both in Central and South America, and in North America. We’ll see if the Opus Dei archbishop can staunch the flow.

    It’s not just Dan Brown who thinks that Opus Dei is a cult.

  2. He’s currently the Archbishop of the San Antonio Diocese.

    A good many of us say “good riddance” to this very bizarre cult member.

  3. …or turning a gay man into a gay ex-man? :-0

    I really feel for Susan Russell & All Saints, and every other TEC parish in El Lay. Time to start dispensing Holy Deodorant at the red doors: it’s going to get VERY crowded inside! ;-X

  4. Is anyone surprised by this? I suspect it is only the beginning of B16’s plot to turn back the hands of time. The only voice that the people have in in their wallets. Unfortunately, most are too afraid of the hierarchy to fight back.

  5. This assures that the wealthiest US dioceses (at least in terms of fixed assets) are now in the hands of Opus Dei bishops or sympathisers. That’s the issue, the orthodoxy is the exuse.

  6. The current archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, had this to say about the Opus Dei thing according to a story in the Los Angeles Times:

    “Gomez is a former member of Opus Dei, a conservative and controversial Catholic organization (known to most Americans because of its unflattering role in ‘The DaVinci Code,’ which Opus Dei leaders denounced as misleading and offensive).

    “Mahony addressed that issue in his statement Tuesday morning: ‘Some may conclude that since Archbishop Gomez was ordained a priest of Opus Dei he must be “conservative.” In fact, these labels of “conservative” and “liberal” are really unhelpful in the life of the Church. We are all called to a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and I can attest that both of us share a common commitment to Christ and to the Church, and that both of us are interested in promoting the teachings of the Church fully as well as bringing the words and example of Christ to today’s society and world. I consider ourselves to share an equal commitment to the continued growth of the Church here in Los Angeles.'”

    The story continued:

    “Gomez built a reputation in San Antonio as a staunch traditionalist who reversed some of the more liberal-leaning initiatives of his predecessor. According to local news reports, he disbanded a Justice and Peace Commission whose members disagreed with his support for a state constitutional amendment barring gay marriage, and he once denounced a local Catholic college for hosting then-presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, an advocate of abortion rights.

    “Since taking over the San Antonio archdiocese in 2005, Gomez has pleased some members of the community with his strong anti-abortion stance and his insistence on traditional church doctrine, while alienating others who favor a more progressive approach, according to the San Antonio Express-News.”

  7. Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Ángeles, ruego por tus hijos en esta mala época. (Our Lady, Queen of the Angeles, pray for your children in this evil time.)