Good Friday late in the afternoon
and I wonder what time of day.
Rumour has it he dragged his cross through the street,
eyes rolling up through
thorns and blood.
Now I raise my head and I beg for forgiveness
as I pour another glass of red;
and you have been gone
exactly one day short of exactly one week
on Good Friday.
And I can feel it,
I can feel it in the air.
I can move it
between my fingers.
I can wave it,
wave it like water
and I can see it
in the late afternoon,
on Good Friday.
And my eyes look up searching
and my ears will bleed from listening.
From you I'm asking forgiveness on Good Friday.



  1. Australia’s finest prodigal son at his his darkest & most passionate. An apt choice indeed…

    Easter blessings to you, dear MP, and all OCIBWers everywhere.

  2. I didn’t have a chance to listen to this earlier, or to post, but agree with everything Alcibiades has said.

    wv – cathyqq – that’s weird. The wv has spontaneously produced me name!!!