Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is being sued by a "Christian-focused" PR firm she hired to help spread her "biblically correct" message. The firm claims she owed them $64,000 for the "hundreds of hours" they logged trying to pitch her Christian word.

The lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Texas, says they never received any payment for their work.



  1. She’s beautiful! She can spread anything she likes around me.

    I don’t see how she needs a PR firm. They should do it for nothing since (if they did it the right way) they would be getting free publicity for themselves. OCICBW.

  2. Hmm… Usually biblical correctness is a big ol’ mammon magnet. Apparently during these hard times, what Ms. P. is sellin’, the people ain’t buyin’. What are they thinking? Those highlights don’t come cheap!

  3. Boaz, recall she was the one who was so stidently an publicly against gay marriage. What that had to do with being a beauty queen (as opposed to other kinds) is a mystery.

  4. Obviously Boaz has no real idea who she is. She is a Calvinist homophobe 1st Class Boaz. And a super hypocrite to boot. But perhaps you would also enjoy her soft porn photos.

    But the real shame of it all is fundy Christians suing one another. Have they no shame?

  5. AndrewB I do not recall at all.

    Dah*veed, ever perceptive, you have twigged to the fact that I have no idea who she is! Mind you I did read the article before I commented and it gave no further clues to the…umm…clueless.

    Actually, this morning when I read on in “The Denver” I found the Heather Mills-Nanny story and the Chaz Bono ones quite interesting.

    I still stand by my comment that she is beautiful and, if she can keep her opinions to herself, I will happily take anything eles.

  6. I expect all she needs is a good man to put her straight, or a straight man to make her good. And I know just the man for the job, Boaz. But you’ll have to pay your own airfare.

  7. Hey, it was Perez Hilton who asked her the question. If he hadn’t brought it up, she wouldn’t have either.

    And before anyone asks…I don’t like either Carrie Prejean OR Perez Hilton. They BOTH put me off my breakfast.

  8. “And I know just the man for the job,…”

    Alas she would not have me MP. I was only dreaming. I am not “good”, far too straight, and far too old (which would not in itself be a barrier except that I am also not rich). I shall resume the dream.

  9. PS Surely Boaz doesn’t need to lie about his wealth? If he wants to hook up with Carrie he can just go round to Tracie’s at breakfast time.

  10. She is smokin’ hot and lived right down the street from me. Just don’t let her open her mouth for talking purposes -I kid. Remember the old Japanese proverb gents “plain women are more passionate” or something like that..

  11. David G – blimey, I really doubt that, you know.

    Groucho? My parrot’s called Groucho.

    Groucho, you haven’t suddenly revealed superintelligence, broken out the cage and started using my laptop, have you?

  12. Hey, there’s sex tapes available of this trollop, so the world can see how good/not good she is in bed.

    She’s hot, but I wouldn’t hit that.

  13. Actually Cathy, David is correct. Her enhancement was paid for by the pageant association in California to help her win the next level pageant in Las Vegas. LV was where she was asked by a judge as a competition question to comment on same sex marriage and she started spouting her homophobia.

  14. Yes, and I am surprised that the association isn’t suing her to get their money back – because they did not pay for that boob job just to have her turn around and get all self-righteous on them, right in the middle of a pageant.

  15. I am no longer falling for this Jezebel’s charms. I had been temporarily led astray but fortunately my god is merciful. My only prayer is that she will find him merciful as well. And also I would like to thank my wife who is still standing by me though, again, I know how much I do not deserve it. Thank you.

  16. hiya Dah-veed. Apols for late reply. I would never knowingly disagree with you, since you are right on so much, but in that case I was arguing with David G on whether she might or might not be boring on bed, not with Malcolm+ on the enhanced boobage – in fact, I’m sure it is enhanced.

    Anyway, neither of those things is the issue, what is the issue is that she’s a homophobic moron and a total waste of space when it comes down to it, however good-looking – none of us disagree on that.

    wv – dystship – Carrie Prejean is a complete dystship