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THE PRAYER LIST — 6 Comments

  1. One of our boarder-cats is missing; he didn’t come home last night. Weather has been nice, but usually he comes back for dinner. Last time he was missing for an extended period he had broken his leg in a fall (which gave him yet another nickname, the Cadillac Kitty).

    That would be bad enough and we’re hoping that it’s no worse. If he left our quiet neighborhood he might have encountered speeding cars or coyotes, which could be a lethal outcome.

    His human is due to reclaim him this week and move him into his new house….

  2. I am going to Germany for four days very early tomorrow and am hoping for a safe journey, obviouly, and also that my pet birdies will be OK in the house by themselves. They will have plenty of food and water and someone will drop in on Saturday to make sure they are OK but I never like leaving them on their own.

  3. No sign of the missing cat…. unfortunately ’round our parts, lots of pets are lost to coyotes (sounds very crazy, but very common –there are also occasionally shark attacks on swimmers offshore, and a couple of years ago a cyclist was killed by a mountain lion. Seriously– southern california is the wild west) so we fear the worst. It’s awful not knowing and we feel very sad.

  4. A resurrection story of sorts: Yesterday the cat came home! Looked around as though he didn’t see what the fuss was about. He’s a bit dehydrated and very hungry, and unusually cuddly. Of course when he decided to gallop through the house after invisibles at 5.30 this morning, we did rather wonder why we missed him 😉

    Hopefully his human will pick him up this week before he runs off again.