Bad news for the Wiener breed. Due, probably, to the fact that they are completely useless as a sex toy (SEE EARLIER ARTICLE) their numbers are declining rapidly in the home land.

From THE LOCAL (Germany):

According to DTK statistics, the number of dachshund puppies born in Germany has been shrinking for the last 40 years. Following the 1972 Munich Olympics, which were represented by plush dachshund mascot “Waldi,” the country saw a “Teckel boom” with more than 25,000 new puppies annually for several years. But that craze has long since subsided as other dog breeds became more popular.

German Kennel Club (VDH) numbers show that between 1999 and 2008 the number of dachshund puppies entered into the breed registry fell from 10,035 to 6,615 – a drop of 34 percent.

“We have the most beautiful male who has won many competitions,” said Günter Hunger, a jovial 73-year-old Brandenburg native at the show whose family has owned dachshunds for generations. “Ten years ago he would have been in high demand for breeding, but now there is very little interest.”

COMMENT: I don't know why there are less Dachshunds in Germany but the worldwide dearth in their numbers is most likely due to the disgusting habit of cooking them in pastry popular in the US, as this comment to the above post reveals:

Disgusting and also greedy. You only need one dachshund to make a perfectly decent pie - not two. But then Americans have to supersize all their meals.



  1. The whole breed of the month thing is really annoying and bad for the animals.

    I may be totally out of touch but it just struck me wrong when a co-teacher told me she had been waiting for years for a golden retriever puppy from the same breeder that provides L.L. Bean with their puppy models. shrug. How about adopt a dog that needs a home?

  2. I don’t know whether their numbers are going up or down in the US (They were at #8 in 2009.), but the Minis, which come with a much more “wired” personality, IMHO, have taken over. The Standards, like our Jake, are few and far between, and people think he’s super-sized.

  3. I was passed on the street earlier today by a dachshund and its owner.

    Dachshunds are well too cute to put in pies.

  4. Dachshunds are working dogs and need lots and lots of exercise. If you can’t give them about an hour’s worth of running about freely sniffing for rabbits and badgers, you’d be better off having a more sedate small breed.

    I know that over here they are associated more with cute accessories, and you CAN keep them in more confinded conditions, but in Germany people still use them to work in the woods and they’re generally thought of as tough little creatures who love the outdoors. As fewer and fewer live in rural areas and have the time to exercise them properly, they’re becoming less popular.

  5. I’m going to go home tomorrow to my two lovely little minie-doxie puppies! Roxxie Balboa and Kappy Kappaccino!

    My two lovelies. …who needs babies when there are puppies?!

    And what’s this about wiry? My two just sleep all day. Lazy hounds!