From THE LOCAL (Germany):

Dresden has long been known as centre for quality
handicrafts, but an erotic shop is taking a new twist on
the tradition. The collection of sexy unmentionables in
Dina Stiebing's window display garners ample attention
from people passing by her store, but its the stone dildos
that have been turning heads most recently. After
travelling the world for six years as a pole dancer, Stiebing
returned to Dresden to open “Fem2Glam” with the aim of
bringing international style to the city's erotic performers.

“I grew up climbing all over boulder formations of Elbe
sandstone near what they call the ‘Gateway to Saxon
Switzerland,’” she said, referring to the nearby mountainous
national park that is popular with rock climbers.

“These items are a special piece of the region.”

Stiebing’s cousin, a stonemason, told her about the designer

dildos which RelaxSTONE manufacturer Jan Lorenz began
making and selling online last year, and she was determined
to become Dresden’s first retail seller.

Lorenz chose Elbe sandstone out of what he called “local pride.

“The stone has a warm, sunny colour that’s simply beautiful,

and all the pieces are one-of-a-kind,” he said.

Lorenz now awaits patent approval for his dildos, which are

coated with a smooth, waterproof, dishwasher-safe glaze,
and sell for between €85 and €120.

However, dear reader, if that still sounds a bit chilling to be poking around your delicate parts there's always this line,
also from Germany. But do watch for splinters!



  1. Holy orders?? … Oh no, I see what you mean.

    Well I don’t know, how would I explain myself if I got stopped by customs? Say “I was only taking orders?”

  2. Me: “Yes officer all these dil, um, sculptures are for me, honest, they really are.”

    Officer: “I see. All zees lady toys, zey are for you? You must be vairry talented voommun, ja? Vill you step zis vay?”

  3. Oh, it won’t be the German customs officers that you have problems with as it is obvious that Germany is secretly planning world domination by invading other countries with crack squads of Aryan dildoes. No, it will be the English that stop you as they would never believe that anybody would have that much sex (eg more than once a fortnight).

  4. Just be happy that Germany isn’t Texas.

    Alternatively, to be safe, bring out no more than five at a time.

    wv = paromano
    (not what we’re talking about here)

  5. So it will be the English customs asking me to “step this way”. That will make all the difference to my afternoon.

  6. special piece of the region

    JCF, speechless. [Y’all didn’t know it was possible, didja?]

  7. It might be interesting to have that range of sculptures on your mantel piece. A talented lady and by the look of it she’s dated some very unusual men.

  8. porn in Holy Week and he wonders why no one wants to give him a better job