The following news flash has just come in from

In an accompanying report The Winfield Daily Courier again scoops the world media by announcing that the pope is a catholic and, brace yourself everybody, the president of the United States of America is a black man (although that last item has not been independently corroborated as yet).



  1. MP, do you all not have small-town newspapers in the UK? (Well, “small-town” is relative; Winfield and Ark City each have populations of about 12,000, which is pretty fair size for rural Kansas.) The Holy Week service schedules for the local churches are big news.

    Remind me to tell you sometime about the Arapahoe (Nebraska) Public Mirror.

  2. It’s not the fact that a local paper is giving details of church services that amuses me, Bill. But the way they announce it as if it has never happened before.

  3. Hey! those were my churches before I was called here! They are great communities and the publisher of that paper a fine man. I bugged them forever about publicity – they are finally getting on it! Two things – those small town papers are always desperate for content, and out in the plains, where Baptists and Methodists dominate, most people don’t know what and Episcopalian is. The best way to attract disaffected RCs is to let them know that our liturgies are so similar… The priest there now is a woman and a good friend.

  4. You are right, it is funny. It is, though, a major difference between this side of the pond and yours. We TEC folks were a power in the days when we were the ‘power’ church. Before all the independent churches started, we were the elite, and attracted a lot of the corporate folks. For example, in Arkansas City (Trinity church – an amazingly beautiful little church with incredible windows) had it’s own phone company execs, railroad execs, rich farmers/ranchers, etc. As the world changed, Trinity church didn’t. Those execs are now gone. From 170 ASA they are now down to about 30. While Cof E is – if not dominant – at least known and understood, in America, we have become a ‘niche’ church. Truly, seekers do not know who or what we are. We have not proclaimed ourselves and it is one reason we are shrinking. As the proper Boston matron said, ‘Anyone who is supposed to be an Episcopalian already is.’ Sadly that is still our attitude. So silly public announcements are truly necessary. Sorry – but I have a huge fondness for those two churches and those great little towns.
    blessings, friend.